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Adriana Amante
Adriana Amante
Age: 22

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Blonde


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Adriana Amante
Adriana Amante, Hailey Young 05/01/2008

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plus 10:31 video

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Slave to Cum.
As Ms. Amante is tied to the chair with her legs open, we have to pleasure to gaze upon her sweet bounty. The rich only get richer though as beautiful Hailey Young saunters in wearing a black dress that leaves her ass exposed. After eyeing her slave, Hailey has a good, long taste of Adriana's cunt. Next, Hailey removes Adriana's top so she can get a view, and a lick of those perky little nipples. With both girls worked into a hot lather, Hailey breaks out the magic wand and works Adriana's cunt over with it until she erupts in orgasm...
145 Pictures, Plus 10:31 video.

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31 Jul 2008 wrote: nicepussicat continue

02 Jun 2008 Gino wrote: The link to the wmv download is not working properly...I guess.

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Adriana Amante, Hailey Young 03/21/2008

71 pictures
plus 7:56 video

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Slave Sex
Spreadeagle and tied to the bars, Adriana Amante has her tits slowly licked by the gorgeous Hailey Young. The heat soon intensifies when Hailey buries her beautiful face in Adriana's cunt and gives it a good tongue lashing. After Hailey gets her slave good and wet, she slides her strap on in deep and proceeds to provide Adriana with a good, hard fucking while she thumbs her clit. Then, Hailey pulls out the magic wand and buries it against Adriana's love button while she keeps hammering away until she brings her slave to a gasping orgasm.
71 Pictures, Plus 7:56 video.

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28 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: Hailey as domme doesn't quite cut it somehow .....

10 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: I know Adriana looks tasty, but ...........? I bet Hailey's taste buds EXPLODED after that! Lucky girl. Top notch......pussy getting licked.

31 Jul 2008 wrote: double young godness simulate orgasm

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Adriana Amante, Hailey Young 02/08/2008

29 pictures
plus 2:36 video

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Harnessed & Struggling.
Adriana Amante and Hailey Young are naked and bare in the empty Dungeon Cell. With thier ankles bound in heavy rope and their hands tied overhead, the girls are forced onto their tippy toes. In the dim light, we watch them struggle as they imagine their fate...
29 Pictures, Plus 2:36 video.

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01 Jan 2015 Mike wrote: One of my favorites!!...woohoo!!

30 Jul 2008 wrote: this is a double dream fantasme is born

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Adriana Amante, Hailey Young 08/21/2007

47 pictures
plus 7:11 video

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Two Girls, Two Wands
Lucious Adriana Amante and Hailey Young, have been naughty little girls. So as punishment, we rip their clothes off. Then, we strap a magic wand to each of their pussies. Then, we toss them on a bed together and sit back and watch as they submit, lash tongues, and wriggle and moan until they cum in unison.
47 Pictures, Plus 7:11 video.

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06 Aug 2008 wrote: sexy sexy perfect bondage

26 Nov 2007 uh wrote: ....wicked bodies...

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