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Alice Strange
Alice Strange
Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Blonde


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Alice Strange
Alice Strange 12/24/2008

82 pictures
plus 7:10 video

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Beg for Release
This weeks updates are coming to you a little early due to the upcoming holiday. We hope your holidays are good and thank you for your patronage... Gagged and roped to the chair, Ms. Strange struggles with a vibrator rigged to her swollen cunt. When the vibe is switched on Alice immediately has a convulsive orgasmic series but, it doesn't stop there. The vibe keeps pulsing and dear Alice keeps cumming. Amazingly, just as you think she can cum no longer, she does until finally, exhausted Alice begs for release...
82 Pictures, Plus 7:10 video.

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28 Dec 2008 Ogre wrote: Thanks for the heads up...The links are fixed now...

27 Dec 2008 snoo wrote: replace 'kina' in the url with 'per'

27 Dec 2008 cheetah wrote: The link is dead :(

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Alice Strange 10/29/2008

46 pictures
plus 16:00 video

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The Challenge
Sweet, little, naked Alice will be put to a test. She must escape from our clutches or her task will become tougher. First, we bind her tightly and stand back and watch as she rolls on the floor attempting to break free. Unable to escape and with her hopes quickly fading, we then fit Alice with a crotch rope to increase the intensity of the challenge. Still unable to escape, the ties get more complex and the pot sweetens. The task however is daunting as Ms. Strange can do no more than struggle...
46 Pictures, Plus 16:00 video.

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01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: University Challenge. You,ve got 5 minutes to escape from this whilst stripped bare. "Hello Sweetheart, what do you like to do in your spare time?" - - - - - "Well, I like to be left tied up on the floor for ages, completely naked." :O )~

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Alice Strange 09/05/2008

24 pictures
plus 15:58 video

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Secretarial Slave Pt. II
Continuing from the last installment, Alice's work adventure continues. This time after wheeling her out of the office and into a dark, gloomy dungeon, her supervisor straps her naked body to a cross. With his newfound slave secured tightly, it's now time to see just how badly Alice wants to keep her job. First a magic wand is rigged to her swollen cunt and Alice has a convulsive orgasm. Still not quite satisfied with her job performance, Alice's co-worker is brought in to observe and then the action really intensifies. The wand is removed and the mighty G5 is used to bring Alice to another series of orgasms. Still unsatisfied with Alice's performance, her boss affixes TENS pads to her body and releases a surge of voltage through her body. Finally, Alice is brought off to what can only be described as a ear shattering orgasm before she is left twitching in the darkness...
24 Pictures, Plus 15:58 video.

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23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: OOPS! Didn't realise this was a series! She could be gagged with stockings and still be heard and her face seen, but looking sexy too. For people who prefer gags on slaves. This would (I hope) please everyone to some extent. I'd love to hear her moans, especially when she explodes in a huge overwhelming orgasm.

15 Sep 2008 IronChef wrote: I know other websites do the "interview" thing after each feature to demonstrate that. I think it's a drag, and unnecessary, personally. It's a long shoot, and I think if Alice *really* wasn't ok with it, you'd see her shouting at the camera, or calling for help. I think Frim's comments are indication of how good a job of acting Alice does, however. And I totally agree with the ball gag thing. The ball gag takes away what could be valuable commentary (pleading, moaning, etc) and also we lose some facial expression that could be priceless.

14 Sep 2008 Frim wrote: Be nice to see a short interview with her after this session - just to reassure that she was ok with it! Looked pretty intense towards the end....Assuming she was, great session. Can we do some of these without the ball gags?

11 Sep 2008 stricken wrote: this one is fun to watch and i am looking forward to more story type updates.

09 Sep 2008 kurt wrote: amazing orgasms. i always rejoin when there is a new shoot of her. more...

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Alice Strange 08/01/2008

31 pictures
plus 12:09 video

Gallery 1

Secretarial Slave
A normal day at the office takes a bizarre turn for Alice when her boss asks her for some paper work. Unable to locate what he needs, Alice's job duties shift from secretary to slave on the spot. Timidly, Alice disrobes for her infuriated supervisor on demand revealing her vivacious body. With her body bare, Alice takes a seat in her office chair where her legs are spread and taped open. After being made an example of to the rest of the office, Alice is gagged and her eyes grow wide when her boss brandishes the magic wand. With the vibrator pressed against her clit, Alice struggles to resist the sensation. Resistance is futile however as Alice submits and gives in to a series of shuddering orgasms. Begging for release, Alice's finds her journey has only just begun as her supervisor wheels her down the dark hallway to play with her some more...
31 Pictures, Plus 12:09 video.

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23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: This would have been great as a series. Office antics at the modelling agency. She really does look like a secretary, as well. Think what they'ed get up to at the office party........................

04 Aug 2008 IronChefHawaiian wrote: Wicked, but SMOKING hot! And ... what a novelty, a porn actress who can actually act. Nice work. I don\'t know who that man is, but he\'s a great \"dom\". Very, very well done.

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