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Alisha Adams
Alisha Adams
Age: 21

Eyes: Green

Hair : Blonde


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Alisha Adams
Alisha Adams 08/09/2012
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Taking Advantage of Alisha
We've had the wonderful fortune of having Alisha here at the studio lately and to celebrate the fact, we've taken full advantage of her. Here we have her, bound tightly and draped over the chair. She puts up an epic struggle and with all of her might, she manages to get herself upright and balanced. Those binds however...if she thinks she's got a shot at freeing herself from those, the she's got another thing coming...Her spirit is to be admired. But so is her pussy...and what we do next is restrain this lovely Damsel to the Dungeon floor. With a bit of spunk still left in her, Alisha still is a bit wiggly...We however have left her with very little slack to play with...Between her golden, spread legs the vibrator perches, and with a flip of the switch, we watch intently as we push this lovely lady to the orgasmic brink...
ShootID: ALI_072012

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18 Aug 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Ogre... are you 6 years old ? Swear all you like, whine all you like, but if you can't accept the slightest little critique without descending into personal insults, what does that say about you ? No one (certainly not me) is complaining about the beautiful and willing girls... but what kind of childish twerp must YOU be to think that swearing and insults and bitching and whining will get you MORE customers? Pathetic.

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