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Alyssa Branch
Alyssa Branch
Age: 19

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position
Reverse Cowgirl

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Alyssa Branch
Alyssa Branch 09/07/2011
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All American Orgasm
Blonde haired and blue eyed Alyssa reminds me of the typical girl next door...Well, more like the girl next door that one would envision in fantasies...Nevertheless, Alyssa is a beauty to behold. Her lovely, little body, her pouty lips, she's the entire package of perfection...With such an All American beauty, it would only seem to make sense to place her in an atypical predicament and that is exactly what we do. We bind this exquisite girl down on the table and spread her little legs...Between her creamy thighs we plant the vibe and hit the switch. A vision of a traditional beauty takes on a whole new light as we watch her squirm...
ShootID: ALY_060311

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19 Sep 2011 DF1 wrote: Love how wet she gets.

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Alyssa Branch 08/04/2011
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Caged Emotions
What a little baby doll. Amazing actually...This blonde, little Alyssa was definitely born to break some hearts. Her natural little body is a monument to evolution, and one of which that we must partake...Alyssa shows us her wares, very nice...She poses coyly and takes a drag or two from her cigarette, as we watch the tip of her smoke glow red, our hearts begin to melt...We come to the conclusion that it would simply pain us too much to see Alyssa leave...The solution is simple...We place her in the cage, Alyssa shall not be going anywhere, anytime soon. The purr of the vibrator fills the room. Soon to be followed by moans of submission...
ShootID: ALY_060311

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