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Alyssa Reece
Alyssa Reece
Age: 22

Eyes: Green

Hair : Brown


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Spread Eagle

Alyssa Reece
Alyssa Reece 10/02/2009

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plus 6:41 video

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Prognosis: Orgasm
Lovely little Alyssa sits on the exam table and undresses for her "evaluation". Little did she know that this office visit would unveil her hidden treasures. First she is gagged before her hands are cuffed behind her back and then she must show us the goods so we can examine her intensely. Next, we lay her upon the gyno table and hoist her legs up and wide- just wide enough to get a vibe pressed up against her sweet little clit. Then we watch as our new patient succumbs for our pleasure.
120 Pictures, Plus 6:41 video.

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Alyssa Reece 08/19/2009

46 pictures
plus 7:35 video

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Back to the Wall
Alyssa puts up a good struggle once she's fastened to the wall. But, try as she might, we know there's no way for her to break free. The vibe harnessed to her pussy does it's job well as this hot little damsel squirms and screams. Her gyrations only add to the feelings between her thighs and she cums quickly.
46 Pictures, Plus 7:35 video.

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13 Jan 2014 doug wrote: Nice Feeet

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Alyssa Reece 06/26/2009

116 pictures
plus 7:37 video

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Iron Overdrive
Alyssa is an amazing beauty and we are eager to take full advantage of that fact. As we get her to undress, we begin to concoct ideas of just how we shall restrain her... After we watch her gagged and struggling, we hoist the lovely lady onto the iron throne and tie her wrists and legs. Then, we strap her head to the throne confining her even further. Finally, we press a wand against her pussy and revel as Alyssa succumbs...
116 Pictures, Plus 7:37 video.

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Alyssa Reece 04/24/2009

104 pictures
plus 5:43 video

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This week we welcome the beautiful Alyssa Reece to the site. Alyssa is a leggy brunette with a knockout figure and amazing green eyes. First she poses for us in her plaid outfit before she undresses and lets us get a look at that amazing body. Then, we cuff her wrists and ankles and Alyssa obediently crawls inside the cage. Next, we tie her to the cage top and rig the vibe to her pussy. Alyssa moans and writhes as the vibe whirs away at her pussy and lets out a screaming orgasm.
104 Pictures, Plus 5:43 video.

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