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Amy Brooke
Amy Brooke
Age: 21

Eyes: Blonde

Hair : Blue


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Amy Brooke
Amy Brooke 12/09/2009

52 pictures
plus 6:39 video

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Amy Brooke - Alone with Ogre Pt. II
If Amy thought her dark adventure was over she was sorely mistaken. With her legs high in the air she finds herself restrained as the dastardly Ogre poke and prods her naked flesh. Ogre then smashes a wand against her pussy and Amy simply cannot contain herself as she cums explosively.
52 Pictures, Plus 6:39 video.

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Amy Brooke 11/06/2009

89 pictures
plus 8:57 video

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Alone With Ogre Part I
Little Amy nervously waits in anticipation and darkness. Blindfolded and restrained in the wheelchair, she must rely on her sense of hearing to gauge the activity in her immediate surroundings. She feels her body stripped of it's clothing. Then, her body being lifted... The light is glaringly bright as her blinders are removed... She hears a rustle of activity and cold hands on her flesh. Amy finally gets a glimpse of her future. She is alone with Ogre...
89 Pictures, Plus 8:57 video.

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