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Amy Ried
Amy Ried
Age: 20

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position
Fucked Hard

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Amy Ried
Alektra Blue, Amy Ried 10/23/2006

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plus 9:42 video

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Strap-on Slave
Alektra had a nice time spanking and vibing Amy in their last scene, but this time she gets the ultimate revenge. Alektra straps on a large dildo and Amy is tied bent over. She makes Amy suck the dildo, then she continues to fuck the beautiful and helpless captive from behind.
53 Pictures, Plus 9:42 video.

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22 Sep 2008 wrote: formidable very precious perfect slave

09 Dec 2007 hin8388 wrote: 54156884

28 Nov 2007 p wrote: nice

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Alektra Blue, Amy Ried 09/16/2006

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plus 13:39 video

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Turning the Tables
Amy had her chance to toy with Alektra, and in the spirit of fair play we give Alektra her time in the Mistress zone. Amy Reid has an incredible and natural body. Her breasts are truly perfect. We stand her up and rig her in a spread eagle. She is a very fiesty woman and she does her best to get away and once she figures out that she can't, we strip her clothes off. Now, Alektra has an equally beautiful body and we let her pick out an outfit to suit her Dom personna. She wraps herself in black latex and red stockings. We let Alektra loose on Amy with revenge on her mind. Alektra whips and spanks Amy's ass, then uses a vibrator to buzz her clit as she fingers and licks her pussy. In the end, Alektra turns Amy into her helpless cum slave.
124 Pictures, Plus 13:39 video.

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09 Dec 2007 hin8388 wrote: 54156884

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Alektra Blue, Amy Ried 08/05/2006

105 pictures
plus 12:02 video

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Tied and Fucked
Amy has had her slave Alektra moved to the bed. Alektra has been tied spread with her legs pulled up and wide open. Amy wears a strap on as she climbs onto the bed. She forces the dildo into Alektra's mouth and Alektra sucks it off well as Amy rubs her pussy. The two girls kiss before Amy goes down on Alektra, licking and fingering her pussy. Amy then positions herself between Alektra's legs and plunges the dildo into her pussy. Amy fucks her well! Fast and hard, just like I'm sure we'd all like to do with Alektra. When Amy is done, she leaves Alektra there, tied and wet.
105 Pictures, Plus 12:02 video.

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20 Jan 2008 wilhelm wrote: Now this is what I\'d like to see a lot more of. Two girls with one fucking the other with either a dildo or a strap on. And on the bed is that much better. It\'s is just that much better having a super hot submissive like Alektra. I also like the sub not having a gag in her mouth the whole time. Some of the video is okay, but you can get so much more expression in the sub\'s face, mouth and eyes without the gag. See, you don\'t need to use the vibrator all the time to get a super hot video. I know this has not been the only girl-girl bondage sex video, but I\'d like to see a lot more.

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Alektra Blue, Amy Ried 07/05/2006

152 pictures
plus 13:01 video

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Seated and Vibed
Amy Ried and Alektra Blue are two of the most popular, most famous and most beautiful adult models ever to be shot. They are both delicious! Amy is the perfectly hot American pie with a luscious figure and velvet skin. Alektra is like a hauntingly lovely and mysterious superheroine with a body straight from the pages of your childhood comic books. We spend a day with these two as they tie each other up and play with bondage and sex. The first one to be tied is Alektra. She begins by shining up Amy's latex outfit. Then we strip her and tie her in a chair so that Amy may have her fun. Alektra's hands are pulled behind her back and her legs are tied spread, over the arms of the chair. Amy enters and toys with her helpless slave. She sucks on Alektra's nipples, she rubs her pussy, she spits in her mouth. She crops Alektra's pefect body before using a vibrator to make her cum. Then she plays with herself as she teases Alektra's sensitive pussy and makes her beg to stop.
152 Pictures, Plus 13:01 video.

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