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Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia Pierce
Age: 26

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Pile Driver

Fave BDSM Position
Anything Extreme

Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia Pierce 10/09/2006

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plus 5:10 video

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Back Bend Pleasure
The lovely and tough Anastasia Pierce braves our most heinous piece of dungeon furniture. The back bend table may not look incredibly evil, but every model who gets tied to it, knows well how hard it is. We gag Ana and tie her tightly, bent backwards and we tie a vibrator to her pussy. She screams and moans as the pleasure and pain overtake her senses.
63 Pictures, Plus 5:10 video.

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03 Mar 2017 vid? wrote: where's the video?

07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: "yawn" please give more storyline....maybe something other than vibing all the time

07 Jan 2011 JJBound wrote: Mistake would have been leave her out! She's struggling. Good to watch

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Anastasia Pierce 11/17/2005

127 pictures

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Stripped and Hogtied
Anastasia loves a good bondage fantasy, and in this one she gets tied up and left all alone, hogtied in a white room. She begins by showing off her hot body in black lingerie. Her hands are tied at her side, and her elbows are tied behind her back. Her ankles are tied next and we move Ana to the floor. A big ball-gag is strapped in her mouth and we finish up by tying her ankles to her elbows. A tough hogtie for a hot babe.
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Anastasia Pierce 09/30/2005

72 pictures
plus 9:58 video

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Sex Slave
Anastasia gets tied, straddling a spanking horse. With her lovely figure completely naked, all holes on her body are exposed. Master Liam enters the scene and begins with verbal humiliation as only he can. The dildo from the fucking machine rests in her pussy and Liam turns on the machine after giving Ana a good spanking. He pulls out his hard cock and stands in front of her. He commands her to suck it as she is being fucked from behind by the machine. Ana takes great care to do exactly as Liam directs, and she licks his balls and sucks him off. Not to worry, these two are a couple, and both had a great time while shooting this scene for our enjoyment. Especially Liam!
72 Pictures, Plus 9:58 video.

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Members Comments
16 Jul 2017 UncleSquintyName wrote: One of the hottest things I've viewed today. Her screams of orgasm into her master's cock are breathtaking. Wish there had been a cumshot though.

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