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Andrea Rosu
Andrea Rosu
Age: 28

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Red


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Andrea Rosu
Andrea Rosu 08/16/2012
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Pleased and Teased
Andrea appears to be in quite the conundrum. We've bound this busty redhead tightly and she crouches in the corner in anticipation of what me have in store for her. She's a nice looking Damsel with eyes of blue and a succulent body...We then restrain her to the bench and get her legs open so we can gaze at her lovely pussy. Eyes wide, Andrea gasps when we push the wand against her clit and her pussy puckers as we tease it. She cums hard for us, which is something we always admire in a lady. And we continue to tease and toy with her until the end...
ShootID: AND_081412

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18 Oct 2012 mattyboy0292 wrote: Ogre, with alot of these besutiful girls, but not with this one, I hardly know when they are coming. It really turns me on to hear them say "I am cumming" or scream it. whatever, but at least it is not just a session of moaning and slight increased moaning that leaves us in the dark as to when she is actually having an orgasm. respectfully submitted.

19 Aug 2012 Pilsnore78 wrote: I saw the comment about "paint drying" and thought it was rude. Im sorry you have to deal with these people, Ogre! He does seem sexually frustrated to even make a negative comment. You've probably seen a lot of that in your time as a webmaster. This redhead is beautiful!

19 Aug 2012 Ogre wrote: "Would rather watch grass grow" is not a critique...what name should i call you now? You are childish for being so worked up to jack off that if I dont get your fantasy right, you complain to me...LOL...Maybe you should take a break from our sites cause I dont need your 29.95 at all...

18 Aug 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Ogre... are you 6 years old ? Swear all you like, whine all you like, but if you can't accept the slightest little critique without descending into personal insults, what does that say about you ? No one (certainly not me) is complaining about the beautiful and willing girls... but what kind of childish twerp must YOU be to think that swearing and insults and bitching and whining will get you MORE customers? Pathetic.

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