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Arachnia Webb
Arachnia Webb
Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Black & Red

32b -22-34

Fave Sex Position
Deep Throat

Fave BDSM Position

Arachnia Webb
Arachnia Webb, Natali Minx 06/10/2009

86 pictures
plus 11:25 video

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Big Black
Arachnia struggles as her Mistress approaches wearing her big, black strap-on. Mistress Natali wastes no time whatsoever and buries the large dong seep inside Arachnia's gaping cunt. Gasping, Arachnia takes her Mistresses lunges deeply in her pussy until Natali reaches for the wand... Brandishing the wand, Natalie begins pummeling her slaves pussy while vibing her clit. Arachnia becomes overwhelmed and cums in an ear-splitting fashion and her Mistress keeps pounding away...
86 Pictures, Plus 11:25 video.

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Arachnia Webb, Natali Minx 04/10/2009

149 pictures
plus 17:27 video

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Mistress Minx toys with Arachnia as she struggles on the bench. Arachnia however, can only relinquish control as she is bound tightly in position. At the mercy of her Mistress, Arachnia is subjected to her sadistic whims as Ms. Minx first flogs her naked torso. Next, Natali clamps her slaves nipples before brandishing a riding crop and working it across Arachnia's pussy. Whimpering in pain, Arachnia soon finds that this is merely the beginning. Her Mistress smashes a vibe against her pussy and Arachnia squirms wildly while releasing a soaking orgasmic series.
149 Pictures, Plus 17:27 video.

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Arachnia Webb, Natali Minx 02/27/2009

56 pictures
plus 11:06 video

Gallery 1

Soaking Wet
Beautiful Ms. Minx is bent and restrained in stocks as Arachnia gropes and suckles her hefty tits. Then, Arachnia takes full advantage of her confined slave and stuffs her strap-on deep in Natali's pussy. Working her tool deep inside Natali, Arachnia pounds away until Natali gives in and cums.
56 Pictures, Plus 11:06 video.

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Members Comments
02 Mar 2009 Ogre wrote: The only problem with a room full of mirrors is that you would see the crew, cameras and lights in the mirrors as well. Probably not so sexy.

01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! Sexy blonde slave vibed into submission. How about a room full of mirrors so she can see herself tied & gagged? We get umpteen slaves in one gallery for the same price!!! :O ) ...........!

28 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: on your defunct mustressnympho site you've got a pic of i think it's leah wilde domming hailey young, my two fav models! can't wait for that to appear on here :-)

27 Feb 2009 Whitey wrote: All pictures appear to be there. Try refreshing your browser. Thanks!

27 Feb 2009 muz wrote: Lovely, but where might the remainder of the images and the video be found? Stunning, fit model. There's nothing so erotic as seeing a tastefully muscular girl who's met her match.

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Arachnia Webb, Natali Minx 01/09/2009

83 pictures
plus 12:39 video

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Stripped, Clipped and Cumming
Voluptuous Ms. Minx is seated stationary on the cube with her legs spread and her feet up as Arachnia takes a crop to her bare flesh. Arachnia then removes Natali's top exposing her hefty tits and begins working her pussy with a magic wand. As the vibrator pulses away at Natali's clit, she gives in and cums. Then, her nipples are clamped and Natali is left to struggle atop the cube.
83 Pictures, Plus 12:39 video.

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Members Comments
05 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: SO this is how they trap a a webb! Excellent Stuff! This lezzie fantasy set is G-R-E-A-T--!!

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Arachnia Webb 05/14/2008

138 pictures
plus 8:06 video

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Cuffed and Cumming
Alternative glamour girl, Arachnia Webb sits on the bench as she gives a nice preview of her body. After we coax her out of her panties, she then bends over and we get a view that leaves little to the imagination. Then, we have Arachnia gag herself and handcuff her wrists to the steel bars. Now, that she is a vulnerable target, we grab hold of her and tie her to the bench and rope the vibe to her pussy. After we turn the vibe on, we let the cameras roll and watch as Arachnia gives in to the sensations and cums for us.
138 Pictures, Plus 8:06 video.

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31 Jul 2008 wrote: my godness of my dream continue

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Arachnia Webb 02/29/2008

112 pictures
plus 8:12 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Stripped, Tied and Vibed.
Seated on the chair and dressed in her aqua lingerie, Arachnia poses for us as we snap a few shots. Then, we get her to bend over and show us a little ass and fondle her pussy. Next, Arachnia begins to strip and at this point, we get a nice look at her naked body as it is laid out before us. Now, we gag her and shackle and cuff her arms and tie her torso to the chair. With Arachnia fully tied and bound, we rig the magic wand to her pussy and turn it on. Arachnia wriggles and struggles at first but, soon realizes there is no choice but to submit. As the vibrator whirs away at her submissive cunt, Arachnia cums explosively while we watch. Exhausted and drooling, the vibrator is removed from Ms. Webb's pussy and she is left to remain in her seated position and absorb the experience...
112 Pictures, Plus 8:12 video.

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Members Comments
07 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Arachnia would look great as a naughty schoolgirl in uniform with pulled up knee socks, tied & gagged and ready for a bloody good spanking.

30 Jul 2008 wrote: you are my preferate godness xxxxx

13 Mar 2008 gmc wrote: this is a repeat of February - nothing new for March?

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Arachnia Webb 12/17/2007

33 pictures
plus 7:10 video

Gallery 1

Masked Orgasm
Hands tied tightly behind her back, Arachnia has her mouth muffled by a leather mask. Then we get her up on on the wooden A-frame which has a magic wand mounted beneath it. The wooden structure vibrates wildly against her cunt causing Arachnia's body to shudder and twitch as she reaches a screaming, mind obliterating orgasm.
33 Pictures, Plus 7:10 video.

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Members Comments
03 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Nice set, but once again that leather mask deprived us of watching any facial expression throughout the scene. Why do you hire pretty models and then hide their faces behind ugly equipment? If it was for holding her upright, a slight harness would have done the job.

11 Aug 2008 wrote: I love you strange perfect slave

26 Dec 2007 Whitey Anderson wrote: Video links are at the top of the gallery. right click - save target as.

24 Dec 2007 Ben wrote: where\'s the video?

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Arachnia Webb 10/08/2007

111 pictures
plus 7:05 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Bed Bound.
Arachnia Webb is finally making her long awaited and first appearance on the site. Arachnia is well known in the bondage scene, both for her love of bondage as well as her fetish modeling. Ms. Webb is a milky skinned lovely, with a little bit of a "punky" edge to her. Which, we love here at Perfect Slave as we always strive to bring our members the best and widest variety of beautiful babes... Arachnia, dressed in a hot little sheer mini-skirt, gets us going by posing and stripping on the bed for us. As we get the first chance to view her naked body, we are very impressed with her tight firm breasts and pale skinned body. With show and tell over however, we restrain Arachnia by tying her wrists and ankles and gagging her. She puts up a nice struggle until she realizes that really, there is no chance for escape. With her mind frazzled and exhausted, we then tie her legs wide open and high in the air with red rope and pole mount a vibrator against her cunt. As she is forced and frozen into assuming the position, the vibe pulses away at her tiny pussy until she erupts in multiple orgasms.
111 Pictures, Plus 7:05 video.

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07 Jan 2011 JJBound wrote: Small body giant shoes

10 Aug 2008 wrote: I love you perfect slave

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