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Ariel Summers
Ariel Summers
Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde

32b -22-34

Fave Sex Position
Doggie Style

Fave BDSM Position

Ariel Summers
Ariel Summers 03/10/2008

108 pictures
plus 7:53 video

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Stripped and Cumming
Posing topless on the bed, Ariel naughtily teases us by toying with her pussy. Now that she has gotten our blood pumping, we take Ariel and tie her wrists and ankles and watch her roll around on the bed for us. Next, we tie her legs as wide open as we can and mount the vibrator against her smooth, clean cunt. As Ariel takes all the vibe can give, she still wants more and thrusts her pelvis down to meet it until she cums massively.
108 Pictures, Plus 7:53 video.

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10 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Sorry lads....but someone screwed up on the script inside this says Skyler Blake rigged. Who F***ing cares says I anyway, as Ariel Summers is EXCELLENT!!! Top Totty!!

31 Jul 2008 wrote: I dream perfection godness is really

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Ariel Summers 12/21/2007

42 pictures
plus 5:32 video

Gallery 1

Gift Wrapped.
Lovely Ariel makes the perfect XXX-mas gift when we gag her and wrap her sexy, naked body in red cellophane. Then, we get her down on the Dungeon floor, let the camera roll and leave the building. Poor, sweet Ariel struggles and moans as she tries with all her might to break free in time to meet up with Santa...
42 Pictures, Plus 5:32 video.

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11 Aug 2008 wrote: Perfect perfect adorable

16 Apr 2008 Txpine wrote: FINALLY!! Someone who struggles..!! I love the girls you have on this site ....very gorgeous and shapely, but most of them seem like they are POSING in bondage. Struggling is almost mandatory. Thank you Ariel...!!

21 Dec 2007 Tyler wrote: Thanks for the shiny, wriggling Christmas present. Pretty, pretty! (Next time you wrap one of these models, is there any way you could use clear kitchen saran wrap?)

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Ariel Summers 10/12/2007

109 pictures
plus 6:04 video

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Lock Down.
Dressed in her little prisoner's outfit; foxy Ariel Summers is a vision of sheer innocence. It takes us only a few moments however to seize upon this opportunity, and get Ariel gagged and demand she strip for us. Reluctantly Ariel agrees and slowly removes her outfit, exposing her vivacious curves, her full round ass and meaty pussy. Next, we fit her dainty little neck in a wooden collar and swap out her ballgag for a rubber dildo. With Ariel collared, we now force her onto the cold steel rack and get her wrists and ankles restrained in wooden stocks. Then, the magic wand is harnessed to her pussy. Ariel struggles in her state of immobility and then suddenly, her moans of pain turn to whimpers of pleasure as she undulates her pussy to the rhythm of the vibe. As she quickly creeps towards the turning point, she lets out one last sigh and releases herself to orgasmic delight.
109 Pictures, Plus 6:04 video.

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10 Aug 2008 wrote: romantic porno beautifil ladylove

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Ariel Summers 09/14/2007

169 pictures
plus 9:28 video

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Strapped and Vibed.
Ariel Summers is our latest addition to the site, and she is a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with an exceptional body. Ariel comes to us dressed in a red teddy and black thong, that perfectly accents her body. After she poses for us a bit, we gag her and kindly demand she cuff herself. Then we make her do a little more bending over for us before we seat her in the chrome chair and make her shackle her own ankles to it so we can get a glimpse of her pussy. Finally, we strap her legs open spreadeagle and sit back and watch as Ariel wiggles and moans her way to a sopping orgasm.
169 Pictures, Plus 9:28 video.

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08 Aug 2008 wrote: nice pretty women

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