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Ashton Grey
Ashton Grey
Age: 25

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


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Spread Eagle

Ashton Grey
Ashton Grey 04/24/2006

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Spread with Crotch Rope
We tie Ashton's long and lean body spread eagle. We cut her panties off after we gag her. A tight crotch rope is pulled up through her pussy and we leave Ashton blindfolded and helpess.
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17 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Good one, video would have been nice.

15 Aug 2008 wrote: I love your fantasme pretty women

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Ashton Grey 12/29/2005

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Pole Tied
Ashton begins in red and black lingerie, tied standing to a pole. A bamboo bit is tied into her mouth and we slowly strip her clothes away as Ashton struggles to get comfortable. We tie her again, fully nude, against the pole with her hands aboce her head. One legs remains roped to the pole and the other is pulled up to expose her hot little pussy.
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Ashton Grey 06/18/2005

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Hanging Around
Ashton is a blonde doll and we dress her up in a sexy, shiny, silver outfit. We tie her hands in front and her feet together. Silver tape on her mouth keeps her quiet as we begin to remove her clothes. First her top, then her bottoms get pulled down. We tie her hands and feet together in a true hogtie and lash them to the ceiling beams. Her hands are re-tied at her sides and we take great joy in pulling her off the ground by her ankles. We leave her there to hang for a bit. Enjoy!
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Ashton Grey 04/04/2005

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Tied up After School
The boys in Ashton's class have had enough of her teasing so they tied her up after school and left her in the janitor's closet. He finds Ashton all tied up, and being a dirty bastard, he decides to strip her naked. What's the difference between the men and the boys? The boys tie the legs together and the men tie the legs apart. The janitor frogties her legs, ties her hands to her thighs, and ties them out to the legs of the chair, leaving her pussy in full view. He gags helpless Ashton to keep her quiet while he's finishing his afternoon chores. And he tells her of his plans to return when the building is empty, as he cinches the gag-buckle tight and walks away.
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Ashton Grey 10/22/2004

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Ashton loves to look adorable and sexy. Nothing gets the boys going like a short skirt, tie-on top and tall white socks. Sometimes when the teacher is away, Ashton likes to give the boys a show as long as they dont tell the teacher. She takes off the top and pulls up her skirt. But when the teacher doesn't come back, the boys decide to tie up the little tart. With ankles, knees, wrists and tits tied, Ashton is helpless as the boys take pictures on thier cell phones. When the bell rings, they take off her skirt and leave her hogtied, to be found by the nasty-old janitor.
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