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Bella Star
Bella Star
Age: 23

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


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Bella Star
Bella Star 07/15/2005

147 pictures
plus 3:17 video

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Bella Star is a rare form of hottie. She has a sophisticaiton that transcends the typical hottie, but her body and all around babe-ness are overwhelming and hottie is the first thing that comes to mind. We direct her to pose in the pink lingerie and stockings we picked for this scene. We tie her hands in front and gag her. She continues to pose and ends up on her hands and knees like a good little slave. We remove her top and tie her hands behind her back. With more purple rope, we add a breast harness and tie her elbows. Bella's ability to pose is greatly hindered. We thought, why not go all the way? So we hogtie Bella and leave her to roll around on the floor as we roll video.
147 Pictures, Plus 3:17 video.

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Bella Star 02/28/2005

24 pictures

Gallery 1

Tough Bondage
First we put Bella on her hands and knees. Wearing nothing but black stockings and shoes, Bella is forced to show off her perfect pink pussy. We add a black ball-gag with the feeling that Bella might have something to say as we pull her hands over her head. Then the bamboo spreader between her legs is also pulled up which lifts her feet from the ground and puts Bella on her knees, on a wooden plank..very uncomfortable..To top off her helplessness we tie her head back by her hair.
24 Pictures

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Bella Star 11/30/2004

50 pictures

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Naked and Tied
Beautiful Bella Star begins in a blue corsett, black panties, stockings and heels. We tie her hands above her head to get a good look at her long legs and luscious body. For a better view, we remove the corsett and panties. We gag Bella and she struggles for us.
50 Pictures

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