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Brooke Haven
Brooke Haven
Age: 26

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Tied wide open

Brooke Haven
Annie Cruz, Brooke Haven 04/29/2009

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Bury it Deep
Tightly confined in the spreader bar, Brooke finds herself an open target when Annie mounts her from behind and begins fucking her silly. Then, Annie rolls her slave over on her back and eats Brooke's pussy before she buries the dong deep inside her once again. After a good, hard fuck Brooke is allowed to lick her her own juices of the dildo.
66 Pictures, Plus 11:19 video.

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Annie Cruz, Brooke Haven 02/18/2009

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plus 9:05 video

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Groped and Denied
Mistress Annie fondles her slave as she is confined and restrained with hands overhead. She then rips off Brooke's top exposing her hefty tits and licks and fondles her naked body. She then harnesses Brooke's mega-tits and proceeds to shackle her feet and finger and lick her pussy. Annie continues mercilessly teasing her slave, bringing her close to orgasm then denying her.
60 Pictures, Plus 9:05 video.

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Members Comments
22 Oct 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: I love the build on Brooke--always a fan of the fuller, athletic toned models. Wouldn't mind being in Annie's place with this one!

05 Mar 2011 Bob D. wrote: I particularly liked Brook's slave attire with the split sides: just made for an sm scenario.

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Annie Cruz, Brooke Haven 12/29/2008

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plus 13:32 video

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Bare, Tied and Bent
Once again we are updating the site a little earlier than usual for the holiday weekend. From all of us here at the DungeonCorp crew we hope you have a safe and happy New Year... Stripped bare, tied and bent Annie receives her whipping from Mistress Brooke. As the action intensifies, the whip flies faster and inevitably lands harder on Annie's bare flesh. Titillating her slave even further, Brooke presses her pussy against Annie's face and then straps on a fat dildo which she shoves deep in Annie's cunt. With her strap-on lathered in her slave's juices, Brooke stuffs the dong in Annie's mouth before returning to her sopping pussy and gives her a good, rough fuck.
49 Pictures, Plus 13:32 video.

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Annie Cruz, Brooke Haven 10/31/2008

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plus 10:46 video

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Annie Cruz is bound on the ground awaiting her Mistress. Dressed in black latex, voluptuous Brooke Haven appears and nastily paws and gropes at her slaves body pulling down her top and licking her little nipples. Annie's pleasure however, is of no consequence today and Brooke buries her slave's tongue deep inside her firm, round ass. Brooke then strips little Annie down and rolls her onto her back so she can smother Annie's face with her beautiful cunt.
74 Pictures, Plus 10:46 video.

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Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Brilliant to see Annie tied, gagged and on her knees before her Mistress! HOW SUBMISSIVE!! 10/10.

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