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Calico Slave
Calico Slave
Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Auburn


Fave Sex Position
Reverse Cowgirl

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Calico Slave
Calico Slave 02/04/2009

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plus 11:47 video

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As she stands in the dark Dungeon, we hand Calico a ball gag which we have her fit herself with. Then, we have her cuff her own ankles and wrists and blindfold herself. Deprived of sight, Calico now becomes disoriented and the challenge begins... Keys to her cuffs are placed randomly in the dark room and Calico must blindly crawl to find them. As she scoots across the cold floor, only time will tell if Calico can find the keys to her freedom...
32 Pictures, Plus 11:47 video.

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Calico Slave 11/12/2008

44 pictures
plus 7:22 video

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Silent Surrender
Lovely Calico stands in the dark Dungeon collared and gagged with no room to maneuver. As the scene unfolds, The Pope enters and ties her tighter. The crowning touch is when Calico is crotch-roped tightly and is left in a drooling state in the silent room.
44 Pictures, Plus 7:22 video.

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Calico Slave 09/10/2008

37 pictures
plus 6:28 video

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Beatiful Calico struggles as she finds herself bound, face down atop the cube. While she wiggles, we press a pole mounted vibe against her pussy and tantalize her mightily with it. Then, we suspend her in the air and watch as she swings and spins helplessly...
37 Pictures, Plus 6:28 video.

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Calico Slave 07/16/2008

86 pictures
plus 7:39 video

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Sensation Overload
For this weeks shoot at Perfect SlaveĀ© we added a new face to the site in Calico. Calico is a well known fetish model, she has a really glamorous style to her and a wonderful body. We're extremely happy to have her here and we're sure our members will enjoy the content... First, Calico poses for us in her latex dress and we get our first view of her sexy body. When she turns around, we get a perfect lock at her satin smooth ass. Next, we tie Calico tightly and fit her mouth with a black ball gag. Finally, we expose her pink pussy and tie her on her back to the wooden table. After we rig a magic wand to her cunt and toy with her pussy, we watch intently as Calico whimpers, twitches and succumbs to the overwhelming sensations thrust upon her.
86 Pictures, Plus 7:39 video.

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Members Comments
27 Feb 2009 robtarch wrote: this elegant lady never looked sexier than in that black dress, but she also has some marvelous nips too.

21 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Calico looks really cute tied up & ball gagged in that sexy black dress when squatting down! How about "Bound & Gagged Fashion Models!" I just wish!! :0 )~ . 10/10.

01 Aug 2008 wrote: my beautiful pussycat my darling lady

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