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Cassia Riley
Cassia Riley
Age: 25

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position

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Cassia Riley
Cassia Riley 06/12/2009

51 pictures
plus 5:01 video

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Gravitational Forces
Once we get beautiful Cassia airborne, we gag her pretty mouth and watch as the struggle begins. Duct taped to her inner thigh is a magic wand which we power on and Cassia begins to moan uncontrollably. The power of the vibe increases in intensity as we hoist Cassia higher and higher into the Dungeon rafters. The rush of blood to the head and the sensations between her legs cause this beautiful slave to helplessly erupt in orgasm as the lights grow dim...
51 Pictures, Plus 5:01 video.

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Cassia Riley 03/27/2009

48 pictures
plus 8:14 video

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Dark Journey
Wearing nothing more than a pair of crotchless latex panties, sexy Cassia is strapped tightly to the throne with leather belts. Between her long legs, a magic wand is nestled snugly against her pussy. As the vibe whirs, muffled moans escape Cassia's gagged mouth. The intense sensations are further heightened as we place a blindfold across her smoldering eyes and Cassia continues the remainder of her orgasmic journey in darkness...
48 Pictures, Plus 8:14 video.

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Members Comments
03 Jun 2009 gauthier wrote: she is very pretty cassia

31 Mar 2009 Vasilej wrote: Nice touch with the boots! Maybe some italian designer boots next time?

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Cassia Riley 02/13/2009

32 pictures
plus 2:47 video

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Hogtied and Helpless
First, gorgeous Cassia poses for us in her red bikini and we take in her beauty as she runs through a number of positions. Then, we remove her skimpy outfit revealing her amazing body before we hogtie her atop the horse. With our slave in her position of compromise, we smash a pole mounted vibe against her clit and watch and listen as beautiful Cassia cums like mad.
32 Pictures, Plus 2:47 video.

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Members Comments
20 Jul 2015 tom wrote: dieser schnecke würde ich auch gern mal die zizzen streicheln und an die titten fassen

20 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Pretty model and nice tight elbow tie

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Cassia Riley 12/19/2008

106 pictures
plus 9:42 video

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Perfect Pet
This week we welcome Penthouse Pet Cassia Riley to Perfect Slave. Cassia's a beautiful brunette with gorgeous hazel eyes and a perfect body. First, she poses for us in her see through outfit so we can get a look at her. Then, she removes her clothing so we can see the entire package, and what a glorious sight it is! With our adrenalin pumping, we take lovely Cassia and tie her to a table and rig a wand to her pussy. After we turn it on, we stand back and let the cameras roll so we can witness her struggle and cum.
106 Pictures, Plus 9:42 video.

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Members Comments
21 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Yeah! How about more Penthouse models being tied up & gagged so I don't have to fantasise about this when looking at normal shots on these Penthouse sites. Just knowing they've been bound & gagged is a thrill in it's own right! And she gets paid $600 to have a bloody good wank! Has she got the vibes? 10/10! . :0 )~ OOOOOO====|

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