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Charley Chase
Charley Chase
Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Reverse Cowgirl

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Charley Chase
Charley Chase 05/24/2010
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Whoa, Charlie Chase...a name, in my mind, that rings synonymous with "huge fun bags"...her tits are legendary...and the rest of her aint bad either...but the hottest thing about Charlie is her sexuality...So erotic and sexy in her image, she just always seems ready to fuck...or maybe that's just my head messin with me...Ive seen her wrestle through massive, bound orgasms a few times and it always leaves a big impression...and after watching this scene, Im quite sure that she is definitely always ready to fuck...she starts out smoking and masturbating in our editting suite...after she's done, we tie her to the chair and bring her to orgasm a couple times at least, or maybe it was one long climax...She has a very sensitive pussy...and it's great to watch her wrestling with her own roped body again..
ShootID: PER_CHA_120809

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31 May 2010 chris wrote: too short for such a women; she needs multiple orgasms and this takes her several hours fuxed & vibred on this chair; phantastik, longer next time.

26 May 2010 Fokusnik wrote: Seems all right but... wasn't she just here a few weeks ago ? Are you running out of models ? If so, bring Melissa Jacobs or Jana Cova back too, please.

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Charley Chase 04/16/2010
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Take a Breath
Charley is one of our favorite women to work with...she's always very cheery and cute...lots of good vibes from Charley...and huge natural tits...there will be so silicon complaints in this update! Charley is all nataral...and she does love bondage...what more could we want? We pull her into the workshop and bolt her onto our body board...with our classic vibrator tie...for truly helpless orgasms, you have to keep the vibrator against the clit...if the slave can pull away, that's no works pretty darn well on Charley...I was concerned that she might pull a Gen Padova and pass out after her orgasms...breathe baby breathe...OGRE
ShootID: PER_CHA_120809

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Charley Chase 01/27/2010

83 pictures
plus 7:49 video

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Charley rubs her pussy against the wand as she awaits her fate. We flip the vibe on and she instantly begins to purr and moan. Her massive tits heave as she is overwhelmed. We ramp up the wand's speed and Charley's screams reach a deafening level. Her orgasms come hard and her body convulses as we push her even further...
ShootID: PER_CHA_120809

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14 Jan 2011 stickman wrote: where are the pics!

18 Dec 2010 Mack wrote: Again, no downloadable video link...

26 Apr 2010 avikas wrote: **the best of the best... so beautiful sexy girl and so sensetive yummy pussy... she got me crazy as she got endless cum... swet & scream.. thats why i love you perfect slave. give me more of it

26 Mar 2010 horsehung wrote: this is one hot video,charley really leaves a lasting impression on me.and what a set of tits,she is the "PERFECT SLAVE"

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Charley Chase 12/18/2009

118 pictures
plus 5:59 video

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Orgasmic Adventure
We eagerly awaited Charley's debut on Perfect Slave and she surely did not disappoint. We got another first hand look at her massive, natural and perfect tits and smoking body as she undressed and stood before us. Then, we bound her tightly and Charley struggled in futility if she was thinking there might be any possibility of freedom. We then hoisted her into the chair and got those lovely legs open wide so we could make her cum. Charley gave into a seismic orgasmic adventure that must be seen to be believed!
118 Pictures, Plus 5:59 video.

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