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Cherie Deville
Cherie Deville
Age: 30

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Full Suspension

Cherie Deville
Cherie Deville, Kymberly Jane 01/24/2013
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Double Down In The Dungeon
Take two amazingly hot damsels, add a dungeon of debauchery and a dash of Ogre and what you get is a bondage fantasy feast for the senses...Cherie and Kymberly twist and turn as they are hoisted from the rafters and swing to and fro. Then, they are tied side by side, legs high and wide and are both stuffed deeply while being vibed simultaneously. Things really reach a fever pitch when they are both pushed to their orgasmic thresholds and beyond...
ShootID: CHE_010813

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26 Jan 2013 provost wrote: Inspired! What a dramatic setup and energetic performance. Next time consider attaching the dangling women to one another with nipple clamps. And I would ask them to pay with their soles for the satisfaction that came at the end...the bands, perhaps, used vigorously while the vibes are doing their work. Superb work in all respects!

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Cherie Deville 04/19/2012
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Cherie Baby
I've been eagerly awaiting Cherie's Perfect Slave debut. In case you've been living under a rock, Cherie Deville is a tall, leggy MILF type with an amazing set of tits and the entire package that goes along with it. We've featured her on our other DungeonCorp sites (make sure you check them out), and now at long last, she's here on Perfect Slave. We start off watching as she puts up one heck of a battle. She attempts to wriggle away as Bane unhooks her brassiere, exposing her fleshy orbs. She gets high up on her toes while in the throes of this struggle...We then strip her bare, get a spreader bar between her legs, complete with a hefty dildo buried deep in her pussy. She's still putting up one hell of a struggle though, and I'm thinking there's only one true way to soothe Cherie's soul...Out comes the vibe, pressed tightly against her immaculately manicured pussy, and we watch a transformation take place before our very eyes as Cherie Baby gives in and grinds away...
ShootID: CHE_041212

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23 Apr 2012 shrike wrote: Ditto everything below. Love the thigh-highs, and stalkings on ashley and diana previously. Not to be greedy but i would love to see the hitachi pressed up against some gussetless pantyhose

21 Apr 2012 Thorn wrote: Awesome update,Now this is more like it!.Cherie and Ashley from the previous update looked amazing, keep em cumming

20 Apr 2012 fokusnik wrote: Now THAT is what we want to see. Get the spreader bar with the dildo (maybe even a second one somewhere else), a vibrator strategically positioned... and on with the show.

20 Apr 2012 Goalie21 wrote: Wow! Sherrie looks great and struggles wonderfully. Lets do more to her!

20 Apr 2012 Bolshevik Bastard wrote: Fucking amazing! Give me more of this one!

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