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Dava Foxx
Dava Foxx
Age: 28

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Fucked Hard

Fave BDSM Position
Spread eagle

Dava Foxx
Dava Foxx 11/04/2014
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Conditioning Dava
Lovely Dava is now roped and spread eagle...her pussy allready red and swollen from orgasms, she is about to learn what her orgasms are for...or, I should say, who they are for...I use the dick-stick combo to fuck and pleasure her...and she cums over and over just like a good slave should...There is potential...but she fails to announce her orgasms which really signifies a selfish sub...It's a lesson she must learn, so I reinforce her conditioning with some tight nipple clamps...and give her another try...Ogre...
ShootID: DAV_102414

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Dava Foxx 10/28/2014
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Dava's First Submission
Dava was an established working woman before she entered adult entertainment...she's a bit more reserved and a bit more vanilla than we are used to...but deeply beautiful and very relaxed...We start with a good bit of objectification...we dress her up in a tight black dress and put her to work...I found myself loving her body...especially her round tits...and the perfect tan lines...the rope goes on as the clothes come off...then she is tied to the chair with her legs spread, for the main event...It takes a few minutes for her to realize the situation...yes, your pussy has a hige vibrator pressed against it and it will become overwhelming in due time..just like novacane, it always works...Dava, who does not use a vibrator often, finds out why the magic wand is so popular...she might have thought one orgasms would be enough to satisfy...but i blindolfd her and give her another round...things get tougher for Dava in each scene as we begin to build on her first submission...
ShootID: DAV_102414

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