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Devaun Long
Devaun Long
Age: 20

Eyes: Green

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Giving Head

Fave BDSM Position

Devaun Long
Devaun Long 10/29/2007

47 pictures

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Lovely Devaun Long's shoot continues... We strip her out of her clothes and fit her little hands and head with steel globes. Then her head is chained to the ceiling and her legs are locked into a spreader bar. Her erect nipples are clamped and weights are attached. Locked in her state of lonely, immobile and dark deprivation, the sensation of her clamped nipples is overwhelming. As is the confusion of what may happen next...
47 Pictures

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03 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Steel globes don't work for me. After checking the "slaves" link I realize that Devaun has a pretty face - so why are you hiding it from us?

08 Aug 2008 wrote: perfect slave

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Devaun Long 07/30/2007

116 pictures
plus 6:09 video

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Gravity Vibe
Devaun Long show up to the shoot in a hot shiny latex halter and slit mini-skirt, and some devil red suede boots. She gives us a nice little show and we love checking out her body. Especially those legs that seem to go on for miles and miles. After we gag her and cuff her wrists and ankles, we expose her perky tits and her tight little pussy and ass. Then we get rough with her and hang her from the ceiling upside down, all the while pole fucking her with a vibrator until she cums.
116 Pictures, Plus 6:09 video.

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09 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Very exciting display of a beautiful nude body. (OK, I admit I'm a suspension aficionado, can't get enough of that stuff.)

05 Aug 2008 wrote: merveillous extraordirary excite me

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Devaun Long 06/30/2007

66 pictures
plus 8:46 video

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Strapped Cum Slave
Thin and sexy Devaun Long vists PerfectSlave and we do what we do best. We strip her down and make her helpless. In this case, we use black belts to strap Devaun down to a metal bench. We spread her jaw with a dental gag and we rig a vibrator to her pussy. Devaun rubs her pussy on the vibe like a good slave and she has her first orgasm and at that point, I think Devaun thought she was finished. One of our guys enters the scene and removes her jaw spreading gag. He stuffs her mouth with cloth and tapes over it and then he tapes her eyes shut. We turn the vibrator on again and this time we rub the vibrator against her tender and swollen clit until she is writhing. She cums again and we leave her strapped and wet.
66 Pictures, Plus 8:46 video.

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: merveillous continue you excite me

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