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Diana Prince
Diana Prince
Age: 27

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Black


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position

Diana Prince
Diana Prince 02/02/2012
Preview this Update --> 108 Pictures, 18:00 video.108, Plus 18:00 video.

Strip and Spread
Diana gives us a taste, showing us the goods while performing a sensual striptease. She reveals her beautiful tits and ass and coyly plays with her pussy. That pole she so deftly teases us with, makes the perfect spot for us to bind her, and indeed we do. After her struggle, we spread her on the floor, legs high and wide…We mount the vibe and chart a course for Ms. Prince's orgasmic adventure...
ShootID: DIA_010512

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25 Oct 2013 clashman wrote: This woman is amazing. Bring her back!!

03 Feb 2012 provost wrote: cool sequence! next time you might try tying toes to nipples so she'll feel it when she squirms.... Lovely lady!

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Diana Prince 01/18/2012
Preview this Update --> 116 Pictures, 15:00 video.116, Plus 15:00 video.

A Standing Struggle
Bound to the chair, it seems Diana is yearning for freedom. I hope she's not expecting to find it here. Nevertheless, she's putting up quite the struggle. She definitely gets an "A" for effort. She is then put in a standing position with her hands tied overhead and her ankles tied as far apart as we can get them. A flick of the switch on the vibrator sends a shockwave through Ms. Prince...and if she thought she had a struggle on her hands before...she ain't seen nothing yet...
ShootID: DIA_010512

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Diana Prince 04/23/2010
Preview this Update --> 123 Pictures, 14 video.123, Plus 14 video.

The End for Zen
Zen knows her fate is sealed...the question is, what will the rest of her life become? Ogre's not done with her, but when will he be? He strings her up, naked and spread, and flogs her ass....and he takes one more opportunity to make Zen his little cum bitch...Big Bad is back to his business of south-of-the-border, white slave trading, and he arrives to deliver Zen into the hands of her soon to be, very happy, owner
ShootID: PER_DIA_012610

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30 Sep 2012 redmanx wrote: Great...just love those beaten, defeated, abused and humiliated Superheroines!

05 Mar 2011 Bob D. wrote: Diana is beautiful. She reminds me of the 1940's actress Jennifer Jones.

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Diana Prince 03/31/2010
Preview this Update --> 74 Pictures, 9:54 video.74, Plus 9:54 video.

Zen and the Pussy Heater
When we last saw Zen, she had broken into Ogre's depraved hideout and was captured and stretched. Now Zen must face the sum of all torments...the pussy heater....Ogre spends a few moments interrogating Zen about her mission. But he is truly less concerned with her plans, than his own plans for her...he gags her and slides the heater into place, just close enough to slowly heat her loins...when her cunt is good and hot, he ties a vibrator into place....Zen sturggles through orgasms at the hands of a man she despises...the truest of humiliations and it shows on her pitiful face as he removes the vibrator and applies the heater again...what will happen to poor Zen? We are DungeonCorp and happy endings are rare..
ShootID: PER_DIA_012610

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12 Feb 2017 maneu152 wrote: Hello! I am a member from germany and enjoy your sites very much. But there is a problem in this set. It is not possible to open the picture sets. Please fix it. Thanks.

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Diana Prince 02/05/2010

194 pictures
plus 15:00 video

Preview this Update --> 194 Pictures, 15:00 video.

The Falling of Zen
Zen has infiltrated the Lair and triggered its alarm. The sirens wail and sleeping gas is emitted rendering her immobile. Ogre has been waiting for this moment for quite some time and upon finding the fallen crusader, concocts a sadistic plan for his arch-nemesis. After employing the assistance of one of his henchman, Zen is secured and the inquisition begins... Tightly bound to the rack, Zen's darkest fears come to light. Stretched and pulled, our naked superhero finds her lovely body groped and prodded while Ogre has his way. She struggles mightily but, in this state of vulnerability she is no match for this villain. She is pushed beyond her limits as a vibe is smashed against her clit and she cums. This however is merely the beginning for Zen...
ShootID: PER_DIA_012610

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05 May 2018 Buzz wrote: They've lost it all. There's only that 21 sec preview left.

01 Mar 2018 Gigelcom wrote: Can you re-edit please and post the video?

12 Feb 2017 maneu152 wrote: Why is this update censored??? Please bring it back as a Redux. Thanks.

06 Jul 2015 Ogre wrote: Because of the faked "sleepy gas", our billing company made us remove this update. Perhaps I shall re-edit it and repost it. Sorry for the Disappointment.

25 Mar 2015 Colby wrote: Will the photo sets & the video link problems be cleared this year sometime? Any idea of a time frame? Definitely would like to see them in 2015.

27 Jan 2015 Kevin wrote: Yeah, this appears to still be censored. Not sure why, though.

12 Sep 2014 Mike wrote: Links are still missing to actually download--doesn't matter how many times I log in. Seems this is an old problem.

22 Oct 2013 RDR wrote: Still Censored. Why?

21 Feb 2013 jbrett wrote: Censored? Really? Is this a billing issue? In light of your Mighty Girlz content, that seems peculiar. Anyway, the pics are nice; looks like it would have been entertaining, if we could watch it.

05 Mar 2011 Bob D. wrote: No instrument of torture is greater at exposing a woman's sexual vulnerability than the rack. Diana is perfect for it. Please use it again.

26 Sep 2010 Ogre wrote: We got this page fixed...sorry for the troubles, Ogre

10 Sep 2010 M wrote: No links for vid DL or pics

09 Sep 2010 Eightiesguy wrote: Where is the link to download this video

09 Sep 2010 garak wrote: wr r the video downloads. wats fixed

17 Jul 2010 NorrB wrote: Where are the pics and video? Thank you

02 Jul 2010 hans wrote: where are the pics please?

01 Mar 2010 Whitey wrote: sorry for that it is now fixed. still ironing out a few glitches so your input helps immensely.

27 Feb 2010 Ender wrote: HD video Link downloading wrong video.

22 Feb 2010 DirtMan wrote: Where can I sign up for a couple years' renewal? This is fantastic. Nice to have a scenario and this model gets it: transition from defiance to surrender is soooo hot. Maybe try similar with some more 'everyday' characters, especially ones who start out prudish. Good stuff!

17 Feb 2010 Grady wrote: Love the superheroine stuff! more like this.

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