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Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Age: 21

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Fucked Hard

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Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter 03/23/2015
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Hanging Meat
We rope up Dillon's beautiful breasts until they are smashed tight...then onto her back...each ankle is rigged overhead and she hangs there like a delicious piece of meat...A dildo vibe combo is tied into her pussy and stays on her clit till she is begging for release...
ShootID: DIL_020315

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Dillon Carter 02/24/2015
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Stripped, Spread and Vibed
Dillon is thoroughly roped to a steel grate on the wall...she does her best to pull at her binds, but there is no give...I slide the magic wand between her legs and sit back to watch Dillon squirm and moan...she cums quickly, but the second orgasm gives her much grief...Dillon will learn to take pleasure as long as it is given...
ShootID: DIL_020315

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Dillon Carter 02/09/2015
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Sexy Tied Up
The next model turned slave, to be featured on PerfectSlave, fits in very well...Dillon is a spectacular specimen...Strong, beautiful, intelligent and absolutely perfect tits...Those things realy deserve an extra look and Im sure you all will give them their due attention...Dillon is new to bondage and a bit nervous and expresses it in a very sensual way...she is not used to being helpless and she is not used to big vibrators...we give her a strict dose of both and she finds herself cumming beyond her own control...
ShootID: DIL_020315

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03 May 2016 tisenior wrote: This video link does not work, like all the other recent perfect slave video links:picture zips all work fine.

12 Feb 2015 Slick Sammy wrote: You were right, her tits are incredible!

12 Feb 2015 provost wrote: Beautiful, of course, absolutely beautiful! I hope you entice her to return. She'd be lovely on the rack, and her calves are extraordinarily well muscled, ideal for a predicament that puts her on tip-toe. And those soles are begging for some attention.

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