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Echo Bunny
Echo Bunny
Age: 24

Eyes: Green

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Doggy Style

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Echo Bunny
Echo Bunny 01/27/2006

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Rack Tied
The lovely Echo begins in black lingerie. We tie her standing spread to a rack of shelves. Once we have her nice and helpless, we pull her top up to reveal her beautiful breasts. We leave her tied and enjoy the fleshy display. Then we direct her to strip and we tie her on the shelves. With one leg up and one leg down, we pull a rope tightly between her legs, right through her pussy. We tape gag her and decide to leave her in storage for ahwile.
60 Pictures

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11 Aug 2008 wrote: splendide asiatique you excite me

09 Dec 2007 hin8388 wrote: 54156884

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Echo Bunny 08/27/2005

88 pictures
plus 3:19 video

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Tied and Gagged
Echo begins by posing in black lingerie. We coax her out of her clothes and into some ropes. The coaxing continues until Echo is absent of her bra and panties. She is tied on her back with her feet pulled up. A black ball-gag muffles her moans as she squirms to escape.
88 Pictures, Plus 3:19 video.

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Echo Bunny 12/22/2004

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Echo looks sleek and sexy in a tight white dress. She poses and teases us as she pulls the zipper in front down. Almost to the bottom then she stops. It's time for Echo to get tied up and she zips the dress back up before we her pull her hands behind her back to be bound in hemp. Then we tie her ankles. We take our liberty to fully unzip the dress revealing Echo's beautiful body. Then we remove the dress and gag her with some athletic wrap. We pull her arms out and frogtie her legs, leaving her ankles anchored to the stool. Then we tie those perfect tits.
75 Pictures

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