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Elle Michaels
Elle Michaels
Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brunette


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Elle Michaels
Elle Michaels 05/31/2010
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The Real Thing
I love shoots that inspire me to ask questions about the most sincere expressions of BDSM...shooting this model, Elle, was something of a rare occasion for us...she is just totally naive about perversions and perverts...this is the type of model we all worry a bit about...what the hell is she doing in porn anyway?...and how did she show up at our door to shoot SocietySM with the Pope, when looking at the front page of our site inspired her to tears?...Being a lowly pornographer, it is not my place to quibble about such things...I chalked it all up to having a sense of adventure or needing money really bad...the Pope and I have put the brakes on many a shoot for many different reasons, but we do find a point of pride in taking the most rope-shy gal and giving her a good bondage experience...sometimes it ends up so-so, sometimes it ends up great and the model really finds her inner bondage freak...In this case, we got Elle tied up and naked, spread eagle and standing...she's not much of a damsel actress, but after enough time, the vibrator does it's job...and what we get is Elle, totally confused about what's going on...almost like she didn't know a huge vibrator could make her fact, in less than 20 seconds, it makes her cum so hard, she calls her safeword...we get her back on track and she becomes a real damsel when she realizes that the cumming isn't going to stop and she gives a sincere yank to her wrist ropes and figures out what she was hoping wasnt so...she was helpless...the realization is priceless! It isn't long before she's cumming again...two more times to be exact....she did a great job...she totally became something that we can't teach others to feel...humiliated...and she allowed it all to happen through sincere apprehension...This is the only scene we shot with Elle that day...I doubt we'll see her around again, but I'm very happy that she gave it a shot...lots of chics cannot cum from fear but I'm pretty sure Elle did...something she can be proud of...OGRE
ShootID: PER_ELL_050710

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Members Comments
02 Jul 2010 alex wrote: cute face - idiot plastic surgeon - what a shame - lock him up for vandalism

08 Jun 2010 thorn wrote: I really enjoyed this update, to see some genuine reactions from someone so new to bondage was very arousing to say the least. ya so she needed to use her safeword, but give the girl credit, she still stuck with it, and in the aftershoot interview, seemed eager and willing to give it another go. Now a suggestion for you guys and Elle if she does another shoot and in case no-one has thought of this yet... a "cupless bra" , depending of course on the design, could effectively cover up the breast scars , yet still give the exposure.And of course,don't forget to add the garters and lace stockings. I Dont know what your opinions are on the topic, but Im sure most guys would agree, some really sexy lingerie can sure heat things up visually!

07 Jun 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: I enjoy forced orgasms... a lot! To me, as long as she is there of her own accord, has at least a clue it is serious porn, and has her safe word to get out if it's too much... lets get busy! I think you all do a great job on this site! As an aside, any interest in a suggestion for a model, if you can get her? How about Priya Rai? Love to see her payed with in a BDSM etting!

07 Jun 2010 Danwantstoknow wrote: Why can't you use those words? Why can't you shoot anything you want as long as the model has a safeword and you respond to it?

07 Jun 2010 Ogre wrote: Jean, I was not joking, but have to make my comments about such things with a grain of sarcasm, cause some folks would just plain freak out if they understood what I was saying and thought I was serious...But here are Prav and Diana who totally get that everything was OK...and that this is the type of content we would love to get more often...not some experienced bondage model who is acting it up, although enjoying it very sincerely...This was someone feeling virgin helplessness and she fucking came from it within 1 minute...and then went on with it...Diana is spot on! Ill never feel that virgin feeling again with anything! I broke my own cherry when i used to tie myself up as a young, young man...not nearly a man yet...not even a teen...but i cant talk about it openly here! Just like none of us can use the word R@pe! or forced...big brother is watching...and you never know when he is going to pounce...Alas...I love this love to have you all over for dinner :) Ogre

05 Jun 2010 Diana wrote: I enjoyed this one. What a rare sight. And what I wouldn't do to get back that kind of apprehension. I am a woman who craves being made to cum against her will. Elle could have stopped it and she knew that because of the first time she used her safe word. I interpreted her expressions as honest and real reactions to something she had never experienced before...that kind of orgasm and that kind of helplessness...both of which are intense but on a whole new level when you're 18 and haven't a clue. I agree Ogre, she can be proud of this.

05 Jun 2010 PravusL wrote: Fokusnik: Not wanting to mention the 'other' sites' network, but I was a member there a couple of times and one such issue came to light. A model called Celena did her first shoot with them, and surrendered orgasms unwillingly for the benefit of the viewing public. I honestly felt that was like rape a little - I don't know if she had a safeword. The comments section was buzzing, albeit with a muted enjoyment of what we just saw. This one did (and she used it), so you can't feel too bad about how it turned out. She had more than enough control to end the shoot if she wanted to, so I think she enjoyed it a little more than you think she did. Perhaps the whole thing was an act, you'll never know how they're really feeling. Nonetheless, agreed with you on the exposure of the breast scars. Not good.

04 Jun 2010 JEAN wrote: Ogre, You may have become too much of a pervert. I can't tell if you're joking or not!

04 Jun 2010 Ogre wrote: It's interesting that you care if she enjoys it...ha, maybe Ive become way too much of a sicko pervert...I know that she had multiple, unfaked orgasms...but it makes me many of you like the idea of forced orgasms...I cant even use the word forced on the updates text anymore...but, in my mind, these orgasms were induced in a woman who might very well have wanted to be somewhere else...and in my mind, thats fucking hot... As for her breasts and the angle and lighting we chose...we fucked that up! Thanks for the comment, Ogre

02 Jun 2010 Fokusnik wrote: Well... it looked as though she enjoyed that about as much as root canal. Sorry, but pretty so-so... and while I personally don't have a problem with breast augmentation, the scars are a bit of a put-off. A different position that emphasised that fact somewhat less might well have been a good idea.

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