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Erin Sinclair
Erin Sinclair
Age: 19

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Strawberry Blonde


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Spread Eagle

Erin Sinclair
Erin Sinclair 03/22/2007

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plus 8:58 video

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Self Cuffed and Orgasms
Erin dresses up in a red and black latex outfit for us and begins to pose in the red room. We decide that Erin should take her helplessness into her own hands and begin by gagging herself. Then she locks handcuffs around her ankles and another set, behind her back, on her wrists. She rolls around as we set up for the next scene. We strip her and lay her on a table. Her legs are tied open and her hands are pulled above her head. A dental gag keeps her mouth wide open and we use vice grips on each tender nipple. We set the vibrator in her place on her cunt and turn it on. Erin quietly moans as the buzzing begins to pleasure her clit. We don't get the exact reaction we are looking for, so one of our guys enters the scene to hold the magic wand firrmly on her pussy. It's not long before Erin is squirming well and the moaning turns to screams. She cums hard and her pussy becomes very sensitive and we only tease her for a few more minutes as we rub the vibrator on her swollen clit.
106 Pictures, Plus 8:58 video.

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04 Aug 2008 wrote: my darling I love you very lovely

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Erin Sinclair 08/10/2006

54 pictures
plus 6:24 video

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Perched and Vibed
Lovely little Erin Sinclair is directed to climb up onto our stocks and perch herself there. We tie her arms out, then we tie her legs spread which leaves Erin in a very uncomfortable position. We gag her and leave her there until she is nice and tired from squating. A vibrator on a pole is used by one of our sickos to force Erin into pleasure. Her pussy is an easily exposed target as the sicko holds the vibrator on her clit. Erin eventually tires from squirming and gives into multiple orgasms ad squirting. We make her beg for release.
54 Pictures, Plus 6:24 video.

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