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Faye Runaway
Faye Runaway
Age: 21

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Strapped up Tight

Faye Runaway
Faye Runaway 07/01/2008

108 pictures
plus 7:53 video

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Pole Mounted Pleasure
Sweet little Faye Runaway is a picture of adorability in her pink outfit as she poses for us here at Perfect SlaveĀ©. Then begins the art of seduction as she removes her clothing. Once we have Faye buck naked, we tie her tightly and stretch her long, leggy body across the bench. With our appetites whet, we tie Faye tightly to the bench and open her legs. Then, we tease her sweet pussy with a pole mounted vibrator until she submits and cums...
108 Pictures, Plus 7:53 video.

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31 Jul 2008 wrote: nice pretty girl you fantasm me

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Faye Runaway 04/03/2008

120 pictures
plus 6:47 video

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Self Bound, Stocked and Vibed
Beautiful, young, blonde Faye begins in a hot little outfit and she poses for us as she undressed herself. Once she is naked, we have her gag herself. Then steel cuffs around her ankles. Then she stands up and we direct her to handcuff her wrists behind a pole. We leave Faye there as we prepare the next stage of the scene. We lay her down on her back and lock her wrists and ankles into a stock above her. Her ass and pussy are on display. As easy target for our vibrator which we hold in place until her pussy is red and moist from orgasms.
120 Pictures, Plus 6:47 video.

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11 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Not much good too 'runaway' if she ties herself up that quickly! :0 ) Nice tits & pussy!!

31 Jul 2008 wrote: I loe your position ladygirl

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Faye Runaway 01/23/2008

59 pictures
plus 8:28 video

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Up on the Cross.
Lovely Faye Runaway is the pure picture of a damsel in distress in this latest update... After tying Faye high up on the wooden cross, we gag her and clamp her perky nipples. Next, we rig a vibrator to her cunt and turn it on. The end result is Faye drooling and writhing on the cross as she cums explosively.
59 Pictures, Plus 8:28 video.

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31 Jan 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: I TOTALLY agree with epor & wilhelm! Please could we see an extra video of the girls being bound & gagged by your doesn't have to be part of the fantasy! It is what makes us ALL DROOL a bit more. Thanks.

29 Jul 2008 wrote: your lay godness is ladyove thank is the very miss beautiful women

05 Feb 2008 wilhelm wrote: I definitely agree that more before and after video footage. especially of those with the models doing any kind of stripping in front of you.

31 Jan 2008 epor wrote: hey id really like to see more behind the scenes footage of before and after. like leave the camera rolling when your tying her up and untying her. you did this with jenna presley and it was really hot!

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Faye Runaway 12/07/2007

105 pictures
plus 6:51 video

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Slave in the Steel Room.
You may recognize Faye Runaway from our other DungeonCorpĀ© sites. She has beautiful blonde hair and a body to match. She really loves bondage and sex and she loves to cum. On this particular occasion, Faye was dressed spectacularly in a red bikini which, left very little to the imagination. In Perfect Slave style however, we demand that nothing be left to the imagination. As we get Ms. Runaway out of her bikini, we fit a red ball gag in her mouth. Then, we stand her up on her tippy toes, shackle her hands high over her head and set the wand free on her cleanly shaven pussy. Next, Faye defies the laws of gravity as we lift her off the ground and cums mid air.
105 Pictures, Plus 6:51 video.

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03 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Spread-eagled suspension is always fine, especially with a slim long-legged model like Faye (although I'd like her to wear less lipstick and no gag). As to the vibe issue: I understand the purpose but the thing is just too big. Maybe you try occasionally other devices that are smaller and cover less. On some other site I saw them use, e.g., a thing that looked like a small flat spoon which provided good stimulation and didn't cover anything - especially in close-ups.

11 Aug 2008 wrote: you are beautiful perfect slave

16 Dec 2007 Tyler wrote: I really like Faye. More drool would have been better, but at least there was some at the end. Could you bind her in clear plastic sometime? As far as wriggling, how \'bout playing with her mouth, pussy and ass while she\'s tied? Or why not just ask her to do things while she\'s tied up?

13 Dec 2007 Ogre wrote: PerfectSlave is mainly a solo girl site...Vibrators are there to inspire wiggling and pleasure, and without vibrators, wiggling would just be acting...but I do hear you all...we may come up with some scenerios that inspire wiggling without vibrators and see how it works out...thanks for all the comments and keep you eye open for the launch of will feature girl/girl BDSM scenes...

12 Dec 2007 Boner wrote: Agreed, vibrator is over played, even some girls responses are yet good. But I don\'t need to see the same girl vibed in 4-5 different positions. The quality of the girls is GREAT, better then others sites I\'ve seen. Settings, lighting, etc are good also. Possible more girl on girl teasing/playing and leave them there stew. Change it up, I\'m going to cancel also, check back in-in a couple of months see whats changed. Hopefully.


09 Dec 2007 Blake wrote: I\'ve seen Faye before on some other sites and she looked better in those shoots. In this one, it just seems as though she\'s wearing too much make-up, but that\'s my only complaint, and I\'d love to see her back.

09 Dec 2007 rev wrote: I definitely agree with Len on the vibrator issue -- its overdone. I\'d rather have an unobstructed view of the girl\'s beautiful pussy and watch her struggle in her bonds. Dildos are great, but leave the vibrator on the shelf please. Thanks

09 Dec 2007 Len wrote: IF--you are interested in customer\'s opinions, here goes ! 1st the good news. Trying your site I was pleasantly surprised, it was better than I had expected to be honest. Good quality pics and vids, bare girls, reasonably well gagged and tied some of the time. You are certainly best of a bad bunch. What I don\'t like.-----Wrists supposedly tied \'together\' but actually tied about about 5 or 6 inches apart. This spoils things. I don\'t like cuffs, leather or metal. Loads of photos of girls before they are tied, a total waste of time and space. And what is this OBSESSION with the bloody vibrator !!! Girls can writhe sexily and delightfully trying to free themselves WITHOUT having to have a bloody vibrator on them EVERY bloody time !!! Give it a rest for Christ sake !!! I know you have to cater for all tastes, but-----! I WAS prepared to continue my membership, but this vibrator thing has put me off, I\'m cancelling. Sorry. Len

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