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Frankie Dashwood
Frankie Dashwood
Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position
Pile Driver

Fave BDSM Position
All Suspensions

Frankie Dashwood
Ashley Steel, Frankie Dashwood 07/11/2008

83 pictures
plus 14:50 video

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Face Down and Fucked
Tied face down on the mattress, lovely Frankie Dashwood squirms when her beautiful Mistress, Ashley Steel enters. Ashley then gives her slave a good ass spanking, then, spreads her cheeks and has a taste of Frankie's pussy. Next, Ashley grabs the magic wand and rubs it against Frankie's clit as she whimpers through her ball gag. By this time, Frankie's pussy is soaking wet and Ashley seizes the opportunity by stuffing her purple strap on inside her slave's cunt and barreling away. Meanwhile, Frankie begs to be fucked and gets exactly what she asks for...
83 Pictures, Plus 14:50 video.

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11 Aug 2008 Rog wrote: This is great ,though you should ask these fantastic models to ware satin blouse with black skirts and silk panties so these sessions could be at lunch time from the office, so when they return to there desks ,you create the theme , the sluttish heels do nothing for me, look at Mr the two of you could really clean up and make a fortune ,

01 Aug 2008 wrote: perfection nice perfection of love

14 Jul 2008 Fabricio wrote: The Girl on Girl action is a nice twist on this site.

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Frankie Dashwood 03/24/2007

128 pictures
plus 5:10 video

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Chair Vibe
Frankie is a super hot rocker girl who dates famous rock stars. She dresses up in a rocker girl outfit and teases us with her fine ass and huge breasts. And you know what she gets for teasing us? Of course, she gets chained to the wall and gagged. We tell Frankie that it's time for her to cum for us and she asks for a smoke first. So we strip her and give her a cigarette and she smokes and poses as we snap away. Then we rope her tightly to our bondage chair. We tie the vibrator to her clit and turn it on. Frankie does her best to wiggle her hips away from the vibrating head, but we just keep putting it back where it should be. In the end, Frankie cums and we aren't so sure that she intended to, but it's our intentions that really matter when it comes to our slaves.
128 Pictures, Plus 5:10 video.

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04 Aug 2008 wrote: magnificous erotic bondage holola

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Ashley Steel, Frankie Dashwood 01/11/2007

255 pictures
plus 18:43 video

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Ashley gets Fucked
Frankie and Ashley dress up in latex and we get both of them posing and looking sexy. We tie sweet Ashley Steel to the bed on her back. Her arms are tied to the posts, her legs are frogtied and spread wide and she is gagged. It's quite a site! This chic has a beautiful pussy! Frankie has the delightful task of taking advantage of her. She starts with nipple clamps and a crop, teasing and tapping Ashley on the tits and pussy. She licks her from head to toe, stopping by her pussy to take a long taste. Frankie puts on a strap-on and fucks Ashley well. Then Ashley sucks the strap-on as Frankie brigns her to orgasm with a magic wand. For those who like girl-girl scenes, this is what it's all about. Almost 20 minutes of video!
255 Pictures, Plus 18:43 video.

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03 Aug 2008 wrote: both women in double orgasm vey fantastique

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 11/07/2006

70 pictures
plus 4:47 video

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In Suspension
The always beautiful Frankie Dashwood gets steamy hot when she puts on a leather body harness. We cuff each wrist and lock her hands above her head, then her ankles are cuffed and locked together. Frankie begins on her knees and we tie her ankles to the spreader above her head. We when pull her off the ground, she is left to dangle and struggle in the air.
70 Pictures, Plus 4:47 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 06/15/2006

95 pictures
plus 6:18 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Wicked nurse, Tied and Vibed
Whatever the beautiful Frankie Dashwood does, she is wicked. She gets dressed up in a black nurses outfit and poses wickedly. Anything this evil must be tied, so we wrap her up in wite rope and watch her get submissive. We decide it's not enough, so we tie her to a bench with her legs spread and tie a vibrator to her pussy. She has wicked orgasms.
95 Pictures, Plus 6:18 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 01/04/2006

62 pictures
plus 4:36 video

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Forced to Cum
Blonde bombshell, Frankie Dashwood is completely naked. We tie her spread eagle on a wooden platform and duct tape her mouth shut. We rig a vibrator directly onto her pussy and switch it on. Frankie, grinds and moans and realizes that she can't stop the pleasure in her loins.
62 Pictures, Plus 4:36 video.

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10 Jan 2017 john wrote: how do I download this video - I don't see it anywhere..

11 Aug 2008 wrote: body girl you excite me

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 08/05/2005

26 pictures

Gallery 1

Extreme Bondage
Just how flexible is Frankie Dashwood? As the shoot went on, Frankie showed off her limber tendencies between scenes to stretch out and such. We decided to push her limits a bit with a tough tie. First we rope her fabulous mams, then her wrists, knees and ankles. We pull her hands over her head and tie them up to the ceiling. Her ankles are pulled up and tied to her hands keeping her in a stressful backbend.
26 Pictures

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 06/26/2005

53 pictures
plus 4:10 video

Gallery 1

Spread and Vibed
Super-hot blonde, Frankie is all tied up with her legs spread, sitting on a futon. We pull her hands behind her head and wrap rope around her breasts. After a few pictures we decide to take it farther. First we gag and cover her mouth in a latex wrap, then we take our time to tie the head of the magic wand right onto her angelic pussy. We switch on the vibrator and roll video. Frankie begins to moan. She moves her hips and pulls against the ropes. She begins to point her toes. She begins to squeal and tense her muscles. After four minutes of direct clit vibrations, Frankie succumbs to forced orgasms in a very seductive and awe-inspiring way.
53 Pictures, Plus 4:10 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 04/06/2005

56 pictures
plus 2:52 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Wrist Suspension
Blonde and Busty, Frankie Dashwood is naked as we buckle suspension cuffs around her wrists. She probably wonders why we ask her to stand on a stool and it probably becomes more clear after we pull her up onto her toes. Frankie is gagged with a bit and she looks on as we quickly hitch ropes to each ankle cuff. We pull her into the air and kick the stool away, then we pull each ankle out, leaving her in a naked and spread suspension. Frankie is as tough as she is sexy and spends nearly three mintues in the air before losing all her kicking energy.
56 Pictures, Plus 2:52 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 03/02/2005

55 pictures
plus 4:20 video

Gallery 1

Crucified and Vibed
Frankie has been tied up all afternoon. She was tied on the floor, then stripped and tied standing. Now beautiful Frankie finds herself crucified. Her ankles, knees and thighs are wrapped in rope and her hands are tethered to the sides. Her breasts are mouth-watering in a hemp harness. An orgasmic sacrifice just sounded too hot to pass up, so we tied a powerful vibrator onto Frankie's pussy. We switched it on and rolled video. After a couple minutes she realizes that the vibrator isnt going anywhere. She begins to pull at her wrists and struggle and every movement causes her huge breasts to sway and jar. Frankie is helpless to the pleasure in her loins and cums hard on the cross.
55 Pictures, Plus 4:20 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Frankie Dashwood 02/23/2005

97 pictures

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Tied and Waiting
Frankie is the perfect orgasmic-sacrifice. In the first set we find Frankie all dolled up in sexy lingerie and all tied up in hemp rope. A red ball-gag keeps her quiet as she struggles, hogtied below the ominous cross. Then we stand her up and pull her top down. Her hands are tied above her head and Frankie searches around the room for signs of hope or freedom. What she sees is us, preparing a vibrator for her cruxificion. Stay tuned next month for the toe-curling conclusion.
97 Pictures

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