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Frankie Vargas
Frankie Vargas
Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Red


Fave Sex Position
Sucking Cock

Fave BDSM Position
Full Suspension

Frankie Vargas
Frankie Vargas 09/26/2008

45 pictures
plus 9:01 video

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Throat Fuck
Naked little Frankie has her wrists and legs bound as she bobs up and down on her Master's cock. The face fucking picks up in pace as she furiously takes dick as deep down her throat as she possibly can. Eagerly slurping away at her Master's member, Frankie takes a load to the face before being left alone and used on the bed.
45 Pictures, Plus 9:01 video.

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23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Yeh. No blokes on this please. Just girls. Is he a Rock Star ...... Or a Cock Star?

01 Oct 2008 Oh No wrote: Yeah. I never wanna see that guy again. *Shudders*

27 Sep 2008 Yikes wrote: That guy is disgusting and looks like the walking charactature of a leather bound idiot.

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Frankie Vargas 07/23/2008

81 pictures
plus 10:51 video

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Face Fucked and Cumming.
This update brings another fresh face to the site in Frankie Vargas. Frankie is a fiery redhead who is fairly new to the adult entertainment industry and to the bondage world. But, she was more than eager and we were more than happy to have her here at Perfect SlaveĀ©. After stripping off her clothes, we see Frankie crawling around the floor gagged in an iron collar when her Master enters. After removing her gag, her Master takes a seat on the bed and begins fucking her face. Then, after getting a face full of cock and balls Frankie is bent over her Master's knee and given a thorough spanking. With her pussy sopping wet, Frankie takes a finger in her cunt and is thrown on the bed on her back where her mouth is filled again. Next, her Master reaches for the magic wand and presses it against her clit. Frankie is then handed the vibe and she works herself into an orgasmic stage before she is left alone in the room...
81 Pictures, Plus 10:51 video.

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31 Jul 2008 wrote: nice pusicat dream dream dream

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