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Gen Padova
Gen Padova
Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Blonde

32b -22-34

Fave Sex Position
Just Fuck her HARD

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Gen Padova
Gen Padova 05/03/2007

106 pictures
plus 7:57 video

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Tied, Bent and Vibed
Sexy Gen Padova begins in a black bikini and she poses for us. That is one little girl with a big girl's ass. We quickly tie her hands and feet, then we gag her and Gen has no idea what is coming next. We strip her and lay her face down on our table. Her hands are pulled under her and her legs are pulled back over her head leaving poor Gen in a very helpless and painful predicament. Then we take it easy on her. We tie her sitting against the wall, spread her legs and rig a vibrator to her pussy. Gen is an orgasmic machine and she screams and heaves her way through multiple orgasms.
106 Pictures, Plus 7:57 video.

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: Beautiful fantasm only for me

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Gen Padova 11/20/2006

36 pictures
plus 6:52 video

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Cuffed, Spread and Vibed
We get sexy little Gen Padova naked and we lay her down on her back. Each limb is cuffed and buckled, then pulled apart, leaving her spread eagle. We rope her torso down to the bench, we gag her, then we tie a vibrator into place. Gen's pussy is very sensitive to an stimulation and it often takes over her entire being. Come watch her struggle and convulse and moan, scream and cum.
36 Pictures, Plus 6:52 video.

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07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: nice story line

15 Sep 2008 wrote: me very nervous to much excited

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Gen Padova 09/19/2006

69 pictures

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Tied and Bent
Gen begins in a tiny black bikini with skulls on the breasts. She looks very sexy as she poses for us. We gag her and tie her and remove her clothes. We lift her onto a table and prepare her for the final position. She is placed on her front side, laying on her hands, they are tied to the far end of the table. Then each leg is pulled up, over her head and behind her. This leaves Gen in a very helpless, back-breaking predicament. We do let her out, eventually.
69 Pictures

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01 Aug 2014 BrianVillain wrote: Gosh!!! - She is awesome! Great rope work...

07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: Nice storyline.

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