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Georgia Jones
Georgia Jones
Age: 21

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Brown


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Georgia Jones
Georgia Jones 12/02/2009

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plus 7:23 video

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Rough Ride in the Red Room
Georgia struggles upon the realization that there is no way out of her restraints. Her lovely body is strapped firmly into position and we spread her wide. She drools uncontrollably as the wand pulses between her legs and we know it won't be long before she succumbs...
89 Pictures, Plus 7:23 video.

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Georgia Jones 08/14/2009

62 pictures
plus 18:26 video

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Just Rewards
Georgia's been a good slave and as a reward of sorts, we given her a challenge. We start by first binding her wrists behind her back in heavy rope to see if she can break free in time. The ties that bind prove to be tougher than she thought however and with each failed escape attempt, the ties become more intense. The challenge proves to be quite overwhelming and after Georgia's begging we decide to give her a vibrator. Joyfully, Georgia takes the magic wand and plants it against her pussy and vibes herself into orgasmic bliss.
62 Pictures, Plus 18:26 video.

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Georgia Jones 06/19/2009

85 pictures
plus 10:16 video

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Hard Tied
Sweet little Georgia pleads for release as we bind her slender wrists and ankles. Despite her objections, we carry on an get her belly down on the table. We tie her doggy style and harness a vibe to her swollen pussy and flip the switch. The real action begins as the lovely lady thrashes and cums...
85 Pictures, Plus 10:16 video.

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Members Comments
22 Oct 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: Great set! I normally don't go for the unconventional ties much, but I found that wrist-to-cheeks rope gag extremely interesting--maybe it was the model that made it work. Georgia is one cute little lady, and tough, too--those ties looked pretty rough on her. Great model, great shoot!

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Georgia Jones 05/01/2009

114 pictures
plus 9:14 video

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Spread and Cum
Georgia's new to the site and hot as the southern sun. She playfully poses for us showing us her perfect little body and we realize that she'll make a perfect slave. We tie her wrists and gag her mouth and Georgia follows our direction as she lays out on the bed. We then spread her legs, rig a vibe to her smooth, little pussy and stand back and watch Georgia submit and cum.
114 Pictures, Plus 9:14 video.

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