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Gia Vashon
Gia Vashon
Age: 21

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : blonde


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Gia Vashon
Gia Vashon 01/11/2008

26 pictures
plus 3:37 video

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Naked and bare, sexy Gia Vashon's legs are tied to the table in a split position. Her hands are tightly bound and affixed to a carabiner oberhead. As Gia teeters uncomfortably in her precarious position, we slowly lift her by the wrists...
26 Pictures, Plus 3:37 video.

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29 Jul 2008 wrote: godness is the perfection ladylove I dream for new miss lady love

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Gia Vashon 08/14/2007

94 pictures
plus 3:58 video

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Topsy Turvy
The hot little number Gia Vashon returns to us for some more submission. This time she shows up in a latex top and slit mini skirt and presses her petite little body up against the doorway and gives us a nice little view of what's to come. Watching Gia pose for us gets our blood pumping so we demand that she undress for us. Reluctantly, she obliges and removes her latex skirt so we can get a gander at her juicy little snatch. Then, we ball gag her and shackle her hands overhead and get her little legs in a spreader bar. Happy but, far from satisfied, we want Gia in a more compromising position. So, we get her top off and watch those perky little tits spring free. Then, we suspend her upside down from the ceiling and shackle her hands to the floor and watch as she writhes and wriggles.
94 Pictures, Plus 3:58 video.

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08 Aug 2008 wrote: nice pretty women you fantasm me

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Gia Vashon 05/13/2007

85 pictures

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Smokin Bondage
We recruit Gia from the scores of local LA models for an afternoon as a PerfectSlave. She gets dressed up in a black and pink outfit and she poses for us, showing off her fine body. We remove her top and tie her with red hemp. Gia becomes cute and submissive as we fit her with an interesting gag. A red ball drilled with a hole to fit a cigarette.
85 Pictures

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: beautiful lovely fantasm

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