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Ginger Lee
Ginger Lee
Age: 22

Eyes: Green

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position
Fucked Hard

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Ginger Lee
Austin Reines, Ginger Lee 04/22/2009

46 pictures
plus 11:01 video

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Cum on Command
Austin becomes extremely disappointed when she discovers Ginger trying to escape. She immediately lubes Ginger's swollen pussy and buries her strap-on in her cunt. Ginger takes her fucking obediently as her Mistress issues her demands and submits to a moaning orgasm...
46 Pictures, Plus 11:01 video.

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Austin Reines, Ginger Lee 01/28/2009

82 pictures
plus 13:16 video

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Gorgeous Ginger finds herself tied to the table unable to yell for help. When Mistress Austin greets her, she teases her slave with her strap-on and then gropes Ginger's naked body. Austin then has a taste of her slave's sweet pussy before she buries her dong deep in Ginger's cunt and gives her a good, hard fucking.
82 Pictures, Plus 13:16 video.

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Members Comments
11 Apr 2009 rocgirl wrote: I love it when a women gets fucked senseless. I wish that she would fuck her a little harder.

02 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Very nice set, would have even better minus that ridiculous dildo gag. But another question: Will there be any chance one day to watch Austin's wonderfully toned body naked and bound? Or is she strictly dominant?

30 Jan 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: Mummy told me to keep away from strange girls............bloody good job I never listened to her! That conk has gone a VERY strange colour.......maybe she should get her kit off faster! :0 )~ !!!!! 10/10

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Austin Reines, Ginger Lee 12/17/2008

188 pictures
plus 12:44 video

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Escape is Futile
When Mistress Austin discovers little Ginger attempting to wriggle free of her binds she quickly shatters that fantasy. With her whip in hand, Austin unleashes upon Ginger's bare flesh. Then, Austin reaches for the wand and presses it against Ginger's cunt. With no hope for freedom, Ginger must submit to Austin's whims as she vibes and licks her pussy until she cums like crazy.
188 Pictures, Plus 12:44 video.

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Austin Reines, Ginger Lee 10/24/2008

104 pictures
plus 13:59 video

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Tied Wide to the Bench
Luscious Ginger is gagged and tied, spread wide to the bench as her Mistress inspects her lovely, little body. Teasing Ginger's flesh, Austin then gets down and tongues her bound slave's shaven pussy. Thanking her Mistress profoundly for her attentions, Ginger gasps as her cunt is fingered. Turning up the heat a notch, Austin then peppers Ginger's body with open handed slaps and then buries a vibrator against her clit until Ginger can take no more and cums.
104 Pictures, Plus 13:59 video.

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Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Austin Reines over ALL the girls! Is that why this one is so gingerly about it? OK. I'll shut up.

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Ginger Lee 11/14/2007

27 pictures
plus 3:39 video

Gallery 1

Struggle in Supsension.
Lovely Ginger Lee is cute as a button. Her big, baby blue eyes and perfect body all make for an adorable picture. Even more adorable is how innocent sweet Ginger looks when we strip her clothes off, gag her mouth and suspend her high from the Dungeon ceiling so we can watch her struggle.
27 Pictures, Plus 3:39 video.

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Members Comments
03 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Really good stuff - pretty model, great body, vulnerable position and realistic struggling. Keep'em coming that way!

10 Aug 2008 wrote: beautiful perfect slave in bondage

27 Nov 2007 Ron wrote: Ginger is sooooo hot. What a super sexy find. The more she makes eye contact with the camera, the hotter she looks. What a great body and very sexy feet!! More!!!!!!!!

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Ginger Lee 09/07/2007

81 pictures
plus 8:04 video

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Wall Vibed.
Contract girl Ginger Lee, is back again and better than ever! In this latest installment, Ginger is dressed in a pretty, powder blue lingerie set. Ginger is so innocent in appearance that, we simply cannot contain ourselves. We promptly place her in a steel collar and pop a gag in her sweet little mouth. Then, we expose her sweet southern belle pussy and tits to the world. Next, we tie her to a wooden wall and deprive her of her sight by blindfolding her. After that we let the vibe run rampant on her tiny, wet cunt until her lithe, little body convulses and cums.
81 Pictures, Plus 8:04 video.

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Members Comments
08 Aug 2008 wrote: angel nice prertty women

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Ginger Lee 07/10/2007

76 pictures
plus 8:51 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Taped, Tied and Vibed
We are happy to have Ginger Lee, our favorite southern belle, back to grace us with her presence. Still fairly new to the world of bondage, we quickly initiate her to our ways. Her perfectly taut body is wrapped in black tape and tied to the bed. We then apply the ball gag in hopes of silencing her screams. Then the vibrator is firmly placed against her sweet pussy, and, we find that the outcome is an orgasm of sheer mountainous proportions that no gag could ever silence.
76 Pictures, Plus 8:51 video.

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Members Comments
09 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Nice vulnerable position, but all that tape covers too much of her body. Why not just tie (or tape) her wrists over her head, thus expose her even more and be done with? Good session, nevertheless.

05 Aug 2008 wrote: fantasm fantasm

03 Jan 2008 TV wrote: The video won\'t play on this one.

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Ginger Lee 05/30/2007

108 pictures
plus 7:05 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Spread and Vibed
Ginger Lee is one of our new contract slaves and she is perfect for the role. She hasn't done any bondage, but loves it. She is naturally, sexually submissive and she is one of the most beautiful and precious models we have ever worked with. This was her first shoot and first scene with us and we immediately recognized her inclinations. Ginger gets all dolled up in pink lingerie. She poses for the camera as she strips. We direct her through some slave poses and Ginger ends up on a table, on her back, waiting for us to tie her up. We spread her out and rig the vibe to her cunt. We love it when a model is nervous enough to show it, and Ginger certainly is as we turn the vibrator on. She wrestles through multiple orgasms, then we give her pussy a small break and add the vibrator again. You can see why we signed Ginger and we are sure you'll enjoy seeing her on all the DungeonCorp sites throughout the coming year.
108 Pictures, Plus 7:05 video.

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Members Comments
09 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: I love it when a model shows genuine reactions. The way she is struggling, flexing her back and straining against her bonds is just incredible. I could watch this video forever.

05 Aug 2008 wrote: my little princess fantasm me

27 Nov 2007 Ron wrote: She is absolutely hot as can be, The more eye contact she makes with the camera, the sexier she is!!! I could never get tired of seeing her...

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