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Haley Madsen
Haley Madsen
Age: 23

Eyes: Grey

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
Pile Driver

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Haley Madsen
Haley Madsen 05/23/2007

78 pictures
plus 3:38 video

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Sincere, Helpless Orgasms
Haley Madsen is a young college student up in Santa Barbara. She is a beautiful young girl who uses modelling to help pay the bills. She isn't totally comfortable with bondage although she does enjoy it and we know she gets a bit nervous when she is totally helpless. So, we make her totally helpless. We lay her on the spreader table on her tummy. Her legs are thoroughly rigged to the bench and her hands are tied behind her back. We blindfold her just to make it that much more anxious for poor Haley. Then when rig a vibrator directly to her clit and turn it on. It doesnt take Haley long to realize that she cant move her hips at all, or get her clit away from the vibe. What follows is an innocent young girl's struggle to deal with the fact that she is going to be made to cum whether she likes it or not. After a couple minutes she has her first orgasms, small and pleasing. But we keep the vibe in place. At the end, she has a huge orgasm and begs to be set free when the pleasure turns to torment.
78 Pictures, Plus 3:38 video.

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Members Comments
04 Jan 2014 Kevin wrote: Nice blindfold! It looks like the same satin strip utilized as a gag in the last video.

05 Aug 2008 wrote: my lovely princess I love your bondage

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Haley Madsen 09/03/2006

76 pictures
plus 8:31 video

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Spread and Vibed
We find Haley standing with her hands tied above her and her feet bound together. We enjoy the view for a while and then put her on the floor and tie her spread eagle. The magic wand is tied to her pussy and turned on. She does everything she can to struggle and get her overly sensitive pussy away, so we tie the vibe to a stand and make sure that she can't get away. She has multiple orgasms until she just can't take it anymore. This 8 1/2 minutes full of orgasms. Enjoy!!!
76 Pictures, Plus 8:31 video.

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Members Comments
04 Jan 2014 Kevin wrote: I liked her explanation towards the end regarding how she felt during the orgasms. The non-bondage pictures do look pretty hot themselves.

14 Dec 2007 Len wrote: The pics with her untied actually look better than the ones where she IS tied --and I never thought I would say THAT !!

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Haley Madsen 02/03/2006

40 pictures

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Bit Gagged and Tied
Haley dresses up in some black lingerie and we tie her. With hands behind her back and feet and knees tied together, Haley does her best to move around and pose for us. We gag her with a bit and bend her over the chair for some lovely photos of her fine back side.
40 Pictures

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11 Aug 2008 wrote: my ladylove you fascinate me

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Haley Madsen 08/03/2005

119 pictures
plus 6:52 video

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Hogtied and Chairtied
We direct Haley to dress in lingerie with stockings. Haley hasn't done much bondage before, but she gets comfortable as we begin to tie her hands, thighs and ankles. She loses some of that comfort as we gag her with a rubber bit. We remove her bra and panties and leave her to roll around on the floor. In the next set, Haley is completely naked. Her hands are tied behind her back as she sits in the chair. Her legs are frogtied and pulled wide open and we wrap her mouth in anticipation of noise to come. A vibrator is mounted onto her clit and we switch it on. Haley can only resist the buzzing for a couple minutes before she explodes in orgasms.
119 Pictures, Plus 6:52 video.

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