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Harmony Rose
Harmony Rose
Age: 24

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Hair : Blonde


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Harmony Rose
Harmony Rose 06/04/2007

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plus 6:03 video

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The Y Table
The delicious adult star, Harmony Rose, is stripped down and laid out on our Y table. We use wide, tan belts to thoroughly strap her entire body down. The vibrator is tid to her clit and we switch it on. Harmony experiences rolling orgasms, one after another. We tape her eyes shut and she continues to cum as she screams obscenities. By the end, Harmony is exhausted and satisfied.
98 Pictures, Plus 6:03 video.

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: I love you pretty angel

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Harmony Rose 05/11/2006

146 pictures
plus 5:23 video

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Pussy Play
Harmony is sexy as hell in black heels, a bra and a very small g-string. We tie her hands and feet and she poses for us. We pull her hands above her head and begin to pull her clothes off. Once we have her panties off we gag her lock her ankles into a spreader. We wrap a rope through her pussy and hang an iron ball from the end. Just a little pain before the pleasure we plan to give her. Her breasts are tied in a harness and her feet are tied back to minimize struggling. We rig a vibrator to her pussy and turn it on. Harmony bites through her ball-gag as the orgasmic waves are too much to handle.
146 Pictures, Plus 5:23 video.

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