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Hunni Slave
Hunni Slave
Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brunette


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Lick that Pussy

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Hunni Slave
Hunni Slave 03/19/2007

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plus 5:55 video

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Latex Tied and Vibed
Hunni has a long and lean body which just looks awesome in latex. So we dress her up and she shines her outfit as we watch. She begins to strip and works us all into a frenzy and we decide that it's time for bondage. Although this is her first time being tied, we don't take it easy on her. We stand her up between to poles and tie her in the middle of them. Ropes from her neck, wrists, crotch and legs run forward and back to keep her standing in place. Now it's time for orgasms, so we strip her and retie her spread eagle. The vibrator is firmly mounted between her legs and we turn it on and watch Hunni as she tries to deal with the helpless pleasure in her loins. In the end, another satisifed slave and another very swollen pussy.
167 Pictures, Plus 5:55 video.

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07 Jan 2011 JJBound wrote: She cannot move! Real good position! How exciter!

04 Aug 2008 wrote: ove love love you fascinate me

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Hunni Slave 06/27/2006

104 pictures
plus 4:57 video

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Stocked and Vibed
Sexy Hunni begins in red lingerie. She poses with pouty lips as we direct her to play with her pussy. Then we direct her to strip. We warm her up in the stocks with a seated tie. Gagged, her wrists and neck are locked into the wooden stocks. We cross her feet and tie them in front, then rig them up to a breast harness. We decide it's time for Hunni to cum, so we untie her and lay her on her back. Her wrists and neck are once again locked into the stocks. Her feet are locked into stocks on the ground. A vibrator is rigged to her pussy and we turn it on. Hunni moans and squirms but it's not long before she is cumming and screaming from the sensitivity.
104 Pictures, Plus 4:57 video.

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07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: some really nice feet shots...still kind of boring though. Again all you did is vibe her

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