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Isabella Soprano
Isabella Soprano
Age: 23

Eyes: Hazel

Hair : Dirty Blonde


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Spread Eagle

Isabella Soprano
Isabella Soprano 08/22/2005

122 pictures
plus 8:23 video

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Strapped and Vibed
Isabella starts out naked and smoking a cigarette. Just a few minutes of freedom between scenes, but we had to shoot it. She sits with her legs spread and puffs away with luscious lips. In the first bondage scene, we buckle a leather strap around her mouth, then her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. We lay her on her chest and hogtie Isabella as she tries to keep her balance on the bench. We release her and replace the strap gag with a head-harness, ball-gag. We direct her to lay on her back and we frogtie her legs and tie them open. We buckle her body to the bench and Isabella rests helplessly as we rig the vibrator onto her clit. We switch on the vibrator and roll video as Isabella struggles and moans through multiple orgasms.
122 Pictures, Plus 8:23 video.

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Isabella Soprano 05/21/2005

45 pictures
plus 4:50 video

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Spread for Pleasure
Isabella Soprano is an adorable and popular porn star. We gag her with a head harness ball-gag and direct her to remove her clothes. We use leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Then we tell her to spread out on the bed as we tie her four limbs. After taking a few pics we decide to add a vibrator to the mix. The Hitachi magic wand is used. It is tied directly onto her sweet pussy and Isabella squirms through orgasms until she can't take anymore.
45 Pictures, Plus 4:50 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Isabella Soprano 11/26/2004

66 pictures
plus 7:05 video

Gallery 1

Tied and Cumming
Isabella Soprano is a very adorable and very sexy Adult film star. In this scene we tie her hands above her head. Her feet are tied together and she is wearing only small white panties. We pull her hands high to force her onto her toes and then we remove her panties. A better place for them would be her mouth, so we cleave gag her with them. Then the real fun begins. We tie her legs apart and tie a vibrator right onto her pussy. A ball-gag is used in anticipation of loud verbalizations as we switch on the vibrator. Still on her toes, Isabella is helpless as the vibrator begins to make her moan and squirm. After a couple minutes, Isabella cums hard. We leave the vibrator on her and what follows is 4 long minutes of sexual torment as Isabella strains to deal with the buzzing on her sensitive pussy.
66 Pictures, Plus 7:05 video.

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