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Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn
Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Dirty Blonde


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Spread Eagle

Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn 03/28/2008

85 pictures

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A Lesson in Submission
Foxy Jamie Lynn is like putty in Ogre's hands as she is tied to the wooden post. After she is wrapped good and tight, Ogre removes her bra so we can get a good view of her big tits. Then, Ogre finishes the job when he removes her panties exposing her cunt and wraps her mouth and tits in black electrical tape.
85 Pictures

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25 Feb 2009 robtarch wrote: beautiful but why oh why no video of this lovely woman

10 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: GREAT GOING.....This is like the sort of bondage I like to see! Excellent!

31 Jul 2008 wrote: beautiful spectacle

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Jamie Lynn 08/03/2006

91 pictures
plus 3:18 video

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Roped and Gagged
Jamie Lynn is just outrageously beautiful. We get her fully nude, then we tie her up. Those perfectlty shaped, all natural breasts deserve to be roped well, so we give her a chest harness and wrap rope around each breast individually. We cuff her ankles into a spreader and pull her hands above her head. We gag Jamie and leave her there to struggle and look sexy as only she can.
91 Pictures, Plus 3:18 video.

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07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: she has such perfect would have been nice to see the photographer remove her stockings on camera. Keep that in mind for next time

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jamie Lynn 06/03/2006

120 pictures

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Self-Gagged and Cuffed
Jamie rises in the morning and prepares to go out for the day. While putting on her underwear, someone enters her room and demands that she strips off her clothes. Jamie is worried and does as she is told. She is given a pair of metal cuffs and she is instructed to put them around her ankles. Then she is made to gag herself. A crotch rope is tied around her waist and through her legs and another set of handcuffs is fastened through the ropes in the back. The intruder leaves her to go search the house for goods. Jamie is left handcuffed on the floor, naked and anxious.
120 Pictures

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30 Sep 2011 UncleG wrote: Yes, video. We like the self-bondage shots.

07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: sometimes it would be nice to see shots of the model getting her shoes removed or her removing them herself...FYI

26 Feb 2009 bill wrote: where is the video she is HOT

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jamie Lynn 01/19/2006

138 pictures

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Bondage Pet
First, we'd like to congradulate Jamie on being announced as Penthouse Magazine's 2005 Pet of the year. We always knew Jamie was one of the hottest models on the planet, and honestly, she's about as cool as anyone we've ever worked with. A total class-act, laid back, funny, goofy and sexy as hell!. We told her to find her hottest bikini and she walks out of the dressing room wearing a very small, stringy, green top with tie-on bottoms. We all got our tongues back in our mouths as Jamie began to pose on the bed. We tie her hands behind her back, and pull the bikini behind her breasts; her perfectly large and natural breasts. Then we tie her feet together and ask for her best bound poses. Then we hogtie and gag her, and Jamie begins to look a bit anxious. We pull off her top and bottoms and leave her completely naked. Then we tie her up in a ball and leave her to struggle Jamie, you ROCK!.
138 Pictures

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Members Comments
11 Aug 2008 wrote: sexual sexual you take me nervous

16 Dec 2007 Len wrote: Why tie her wrists so ridiculously loosely, you couldn\'t have tied them any looser if you\'d tried. Absolute rubbish. If she can\'t stand being tied tighter than that, don\'t bother. Totally ruined.

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Jamie Lynn 10/30/2005

226 pictures

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Becoming Helpless
Jamie Lynn is stunning in black lingerie. Her hair and make up are perfect and Jamie's body is just outrageous. We tie her hands to her sides and wrap her breasts in rope. We slowly undress Jamie as we add more rope. We gag her and sit her on a foot stool. Her legs are tied apart and Jamie is helpless to model all her most private parts. We lay her across two stools and hogtie her and Jamie struggles against the ropes.
226 Pictures

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Jamie Lynn 08/13/2005

80 pictures
plus 4:32 video

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Bondage Tantrum
God Damn! Jamie Lynn is just outrageously hot. She was blessed with all the right blessings. A powerfully beautiful face, a long and lean body, perfectly large and natural breasts, legs forever, a ripe ass and if you've seen the spread scene with Jamie, you know about her pussy as well as we do. We direct Jamie to get naked, then we ball-gag her, then we tie her standing up. Her hands are pulled behind her back and her feet are tied together. Her breasts are tied tight and a rope to the front of the harness keeps Jamie upright and unable to hop away. Then we add a double crotchrope on either side of her pussy and we pull it up tight. Jamie realizes her helplessness and struggles on video. She begins to yell through her gag and jump around. A very fine and memorable, damsel in distress scene.
80 Pictures, Plus 4:32 video.

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jamie Lynn 04/30/2005

39 pictures
plus 4:26 video

Gallery 1

Naked Spread
Jamie Lynn is a fabulously beautiful fashion model who's body can make any designer's line stand out. Fortunately for us, all Jamie models in this scene is some high heels and a red ball gag. We must admit, she isn't that happy about this show. Her pussy is the main attraction as she lays helpless on the mattress, naked and spread. With Jamie, there's so much to show: Perfect breasts, a smooth tummy, long legs and a beauitful face. She thrashes around trying to break free from her binds. Her eyes scan the room as we walk about, taunting her. This is a must see for all spread eagle fans. It's not all too often a model like Jamie finds herself in this type of predicament.
39 Pictures, Plus 4:26 video.

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