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Jasmine Tame
Jasmine Tame
Age: 23

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position
Fucked and Choked

Fave BDSM Position
Bound in Doggie

Jasmine Tame
Jasmine Tame 12/09/2006

58 pictures
plus 6:22 video

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Chairtied and Vibed
Jasmine is just fuckin sexy. Sweet face, blonde hair, tan skin, huge tits and a perfect little pussy. She is a raging porn star with a huge appetite for sex, but she gets a little timid when she's tied up, mostly because she doesns't do much bondage and it makes her a bit nervous. We love it. So we rope her to a chair very thoroughly. She can hardly move as we tie the vibrator to her pussy. We gag her and turn it on. Jasmine has her first orgasm and tries to move her sensitive pussy away from the vibrator but there's nowhere to go. She looks at us for help and we just look back at her. We make her suffer through the aftermath of her first orgasm until her pussy relaxes and she cums again.
58 Pictures, Plus 6:22 video.

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10 Sep 2008 wrote: adorable pretty women magnifique perfect slave

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Jasmine Tame 10/20/2006

64 pictures
plus 7:35 video

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Spread, Taped and Vibed
Jasmine is completely naked and spread on our bed. Her neck and wrists are cuffed into a spreader-stock and her legs are tied wide at the ankle and thigh. We tie a vibrator to her pussy and gag her with tape. We turn on the magic wand and sit back to enjoy her forced orgasms. After Jasmine cums, her pussy is very sensitive and she needs a samll break before we vibe her again. We make her say please.
64 Pictures, Plus 7:35 video.

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07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: All you did is vibe her...yawn

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jasmine Tame 09/12/2006

41 pictures

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First time tied.
Jasmine is a beautifully sexy blonde with a sweet face and killer body. She dresses up in a black bra, garter and stockings and we tie her up with hemp rope. This is Jasmine's first time being tied up so we tell her to get comfortable as we give her a chair to sit on and a ball-gag to suck on. She thinks she might be able to get away and after about 10 seconds of trying she gives up.
41 Pictures

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07 Jun 2011 tickler wrote: not even a drop of drool...really?

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