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Jayden Cole
Jayden Cole
Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Red


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Jayden Cole
Jayden Cole 05/14/2010
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Seeking Perfection with Miss Cole
Jayden is back in our grasp and our ropes....what a total babe she is, but not until she's naked, tied up and my mind, no female form reaches the hieghts of eroticsm until it is bound and helpless...Jayden is the type of model that we want to feature on PerfectSlave...we started it out that way and I want to get back to it...Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman represents beauty the same way...and PerfectSlave will focus on models who represent the text-book definition of magazine-cover hot...less tattoos, less silicon...more natural bodies, long legs, thin profiles....perfect skin, perfect pussies...1980's girls, groomed and bred by hot, rich parents....untouched by us savages..until they become a model...and show up for a light bondage shoot at, we still dont get to touch them much...but we do get to tell them what to do...strip, gag yourself, spread your legs...and we do get to bind them...I love getting the classy hot chics all tied up and gagged....and I got that feeling with Jayden....the ole "we got you now, the savages finally have control of your pretty ass"'s all in good fun and Jayden perpetuates the tease...she knows what we're all thinking...then again, maybe not...she knows we drool after her perfect image and long to do "things" with it....but I honestly dont think her imagination can comprehend the "things" some of us would like to do to might scare her...but it'll be very entertaining for drop me a line and let me know what youd like to do with a model like Jayden...lots of your sicko ideas, like mine, will be beyond what we can shoot and sell due to blurry laws about such material...dont worry about that though....I'd like to know your truest and most depraved scenerios...OGRE
ShootID: PER_JAY_120409

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06 Nov 2010 Chris wrote: fixed in X position to a table and

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Jayden Cole 03/25/2010

90 pictures
plus 7:13 video

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The Natural
I've been out of the shoot loop for quite some time. Typically I have only had time to pop my head into the studio every once in a while. I hear the guys talking about a model we shot and I have no idea who she is. It's been like that for years now. Lately, I'm finding myself back in the loop again, but too late to have met this one. Jayden Cole. Fucking beautiful in ways that make you feel bad for the rest of the chics in the world...The eyes and mouth...the tits! These are my ideal breasts. And the guys leave them untied, free to shift around so naturally as Jayden anxiously climaxes.
ShootID: PER_JAY_120409

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08 Apr 2010 provost wrote: Yes, she is exceptionally beautiful--let's have her back soon, please! Exquisite feet, yet they remain untouched, her soles unexamined. Pity.... I think you can get more out of these shoots, despite the restrictive rules of engagement. Let's have her on the rack and give her soles a taste of the bastinado.

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jayden Cole 01/22/2010

106 pictures
plus 8:29 video

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Sybian Struggle
Jayden's perfect tits bulge beautifully as we've wrapped them tightly in rope and she is tied on the table atop the Sybian. She quietly whimpers as she struggles and we begin by slowly working her into a state of ecstasy. Her movement is restricted yet, she finds a way to grind her pussy down on the machine. As we jack up the power, the volume of her frenzied moans increases while her body begins to twitch. We tease her to the breaking point and finally take it to the next level to witness her tremendous orgasm.
ShootID: PER_JAY_120409

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Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Jayden Cole 12/11/2009

168 pictures
plus 7:48 video

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Perfect Pet
Jayden has an incredible body and she's the Penthouse Pet for December 2009. We couldn't wait to get our hands on her and we were sure it would be worth the anticipation. She began to pose and we knew that this was going to be something great and we were dumbfounded when we saw her bare body in the flesh. We then began to bind her tightly and once we were satisfied she was immobile, we set the vibe loose on her pussy. Jayden's gyrations were a spectacle to behold as she struggled and tried her hardest not to lose control.
168 Pictures, Plus 7:48 video.

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