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Alli Rae 02/03/2015
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Precious Little Screams
Alli Rae is an original blonde and blue, sexy swetheart...At a mere 19 years old, Alli has a look that's all her own...Her tits, ass and pussy all score very high marks, expecially those tits...natural and full...and her mesmerizing blue eyes are certainly the focal point of her angel face...It was very satisfying getting her all tied up and helpless...stripping her down and roping that perfect body in hemp...I direct her to rub her pussy on the vibrator, then I tie it to her...Alli cums with precious little screams and I prepare more for her, Ogre...
ShootID: ALL_013015

Gianna Nicole 12/09/2014
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Stretched and Vibed
Beautiful Gianna, tied with legs spread, in a helpless haze of whimpers and moans...What other dish could a feast of the senses require? A dildo in her pussy and vibrator working her clit...Alex enters to stretch her out a bit more...and fondle her exposed sweetness...Gianna can only stare up at him with that helpless gaze...She becomes a bit more animated after she cums and realizes that Alex isn't fact, he had only just begun...
ShootID: GIA_091914

Members Comments
09 Apr 2017 Bob D. wrote: Absolutely magnificent young woman.Please,more stretching scenarios in the future.It is BDSM as it was meant to be.

10 Dec 2014 provost wrote: Lovely woman and a wonderful idea--short and sweet. Why not more foreplay: a point, wheel, ice run over her body before breaking out the vibes? That would let the viewer appreciate her beauty a bit more and would add to her arousal. Also, her soles are completely helpless and exposed, and so it would make sense to work on them a bit, too. Please...

Dava Foxx 11/04/2014
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Conditioning Dava
Lovely Dava is now roped and spread eagle...her pussy allready red and swollen from orgasms, she is about to learn what her orgasms are for...or, I should say, who they are for...I use the dick-stick combo to fuck and pleasure her...and she cums over and over just like a good slave should...There is potential...but she fails to announce her orgasms which really signifies a selfish sub...It's a lesson she must learn, so I reinforce her conditioning with some tight nipple clamps...and give her another try...Ogre...
ShootID: DAV_102414

Dava Foxx 10/28/2014
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Dava's First Submission
Dava was an established working woman before she entered adult entertainment...she's a bit more reserved and a bit more vanilla than we are used to...but deeply beautiful and very relaxed...We start with a good bit of objectification...we dress her up in a tight black dress and put her to work...I found myself loving her body...especially her round tits...and the perfect tan lines...the rope goes on as the clothes come off...then she is tied to the chair with her legs spread, for the main event...It takes a few minutes for her to realize the situation...yes, your pussy has a hige vibrator pressed against it and it will become overwhelming in due time..just like novacane, it always works...Dava, who does not use a vibrator often, finds out why the magic wand is so popular...she might have thought one orgasms would be enough to satisfy...but i blindolfd her and give her another round...things get tougher for Dava in each scene as we begin to build on her first submission...
ShootID: DAV_102414

Gianna Nicole 10/15/2014
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Perfect Punished Ass
Every slave, no matter how well behaved, still needs a bit of punishment and discipline...It's Gianna's turn for a spanking and she is probably confused as to why since she didnt misbehave at all...some asses just need to be swatted like targets and Gianna's ass seems in even more need than normal...Alex tenderizes her beautiful ass before bringing in the vibrator for her reward...
ShootID: GIA_091914

Members Comments
16 Oct 2014 Hendrix00 wrote: Love the panties in the mouth. Would have enjoyed seeing that on video. Gianna is super fine.

Gianna Nicole 10/07/2014
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Vibed on Display
We rope her up tight...wrists tied off to a bar and knees tied apart...You can tell she feels it...Gianna shows it very it all makes her feel...helpless and beautiful...Her hot body is kept on display as we turn the vibrator on...her pussy gets very sensitive and we see some good and sincere struggling to move her the end, it takes less energy to just allow the vibrator to do it's work...Gianna figures it out....she is there to cum for and amuse us...she does a fantastic job...
ShootID: GIA_091914

Gianna Nicole 09/23/2014
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Helpless Beauty
Gianna Nicole visits DungeonCorp for the first time, and hopefully, not the last...I could go on and on about this one...just check out the preview...she is fucking beautiful in a really rare way...a sweet and courteous...We all enjoyed her company, Im sure...Most of all, Alex...he had the pleasure of pleasuring her...taking liberties with her helpless beauty...
ShootID: ShootID

Members Comments
16 Mar 2015 antiguaboy wrote: she is gorgeous, that body tied up like that, wish i was there doing that.

25 Sep 2014 provost wrote: As lovely as any we've seen, from flawless soles to wide-eyed wonderment at the outrageous liberties taken with her body. I do hope she returns for further exploration.

Brooklyn Daniels 09/18/2014
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Brooklyn, Rope Bound Beauty
Brooklyn quickly became one of our favorites and she definitely deserves a place among our Perfect Slaves...her youthful innocence mixes well with her slutty ways...We rope her tightly on the floor...hands in front, rigged into a tight croth rope that splits her pussy...she struggles for comfort...then bound very thoroughly to a stool, we pleasure her pussy and perfect little Brooklyn squirts and cums...Ogre
ShootID: BRO_082614

Members Comments
19 Sep 2014 Martin wrote: Brooklyn is such a babe. All of her updates are satisfying :)


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