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Mischa Brooks 06/14/2012
Preview this Update --> 55 Pictures, 11:00 video.

The Real Deal
Mischa is just arousing to watch and listen to. In her tight binds, her time in the chair is a tense one as she battles her ties with her will. She's got a lot of spunk, I bet she's can be a wild one at times. When we strap her to the floor, that spunk remains. However she channels it a whole new direction when we cram that vibrator against her pussy. She's the real deal, with some gut felt orgasmic reaction. Mischa's a keeper and I'm sure we'll be seeing her around more in the days to come.
ShootID: MIS_052512

Tristyn Kennedy 06/08/2012
Preview this Update --> 134 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Clamped Tight. Cumming Hard
I have to admit that I've got a thing for Tristyn. She's got kind of a sophisticated yet southern vibe going. If that makes any sense. Regardless, I was happy to see her back. It's been awhile. The guys take this buxom babe and bind her tightly to the chair, and it's quickly evident that Tristyn is in for a struggle. Now, Tristyn has an amazing set of tits, and what better way to highlight a rack like hers than to clamp them tightly? Once clamped, we watch her writhe atop the cube and it's an impressive view from where I'm sitting. Then, the vibe and by God it's a thing of beauty. Tristyn just knows how to grind. And watching her tremble and cum...Wow, is all that can be said.
ShootID: TRI_060112

Sophia Bella 06/03/2012
Preview this Update --> 96 Pictures, 16:00 video.

Sophia. Caged.
Sophia's so hot that we've had to cage her. That doesn't stop this dame though. She strips down and shows us exactly what we want. Bella translates to beautiful in Italian and it certainly describes the view here. We rope her to said cage, and Sophia puts up a struggle. We just want her a bit more stationary so we can see her. Her panic only adds to the charm...Then we lay her atop the bars and stand back as this bound beauty is put through her orgasmic paces...
ShootID: SOP_053112

Members Comments
04 Jun 2012 fokusnik wrote: A lovely shoot, pretty girl and nice position and all... but... if there was ever a girl that needed to keep the gag in place, it was Sophia. The endless parade of "oh shit" "oh fuck" "oh shit" "oh fuck" and so on ad nauseum got to the point where the video was better with the sound turned off. A great model, beautiful and (mercifully) tattoo-free, but holy Moses... she needs to be quiet(er).

04 Jun 2012 Whitey wrote: WHOOPS! Video is fixed and that one was all on me. Switching to a new month can be rough sometimes. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the heads up!

04 Jun 2012 doublem427 wrote: While a great many of your models are fabulos, my favorites are Ariel X, Holly Wood, Randy Moore & Sophia Bella. They have great bodies, can take anything thrown at them, and best of all, NO IRRATATING TATOOS!(Something you future models might want to consider.)

04 Jun 2012 cg wrote: video not loading

Mischa Brooks 05/28/2012
Preview this Update --> 126 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Taped, Tied and Tantalized
Mischa's the fine young type we like around here. A tight and curvy body that's perky in all the right places. We've tied her intricately with her hands over her head. She's a struggler and we've taped her mouth shut to boot. She's putting up an amazing battle which unfortunately for her, only we can win...Once we've sapped a bit of that energy, Mischa goes down to the floor. We've placed her between a set of bars and her ankles are bound wide. Ready or not here we come...We snug the vibe up against her cunt and Mischa's torso flexes...Overpowered and overwhelmed, Mischa finally gives in...
ShootID: MIS_052512

Members Comments
04 Jun 2012 Whitey wrote: Guys, we are working on the updates section. You can go to the main updates page and use the "next" button at the bottom of each page to cycle through all of the updates for 2012 and beyond.

02 Jun 2012 sirrendre wrote: nice spread position, great reaction by Mischa. Like HvyMetal I wonder where the rest of 2012 is kept.

01 Jun 2012 HvyMetal wrote: Have you guys ever though of doing some out-of-reach stuff?? Meaning the girl/woman is tied and has to try to reach the vibrator. To me this would be hot. Maybe at the end you guys let her pleasure herself. Also where are the 2012 PS updates found at? thanks.

30 May 2012 Ogre wrote: Whats your point fok? I honestly dont know...

29 May 2012 Fokusnik wrote: A nice update, pretty girl and all, nice position... but in a 12-minute update, the vibrator only gets put into place after 7 minutes ???

Slave Wenona 05/17/2012
Preview this Update --> 43 Pictures, 13:00 video.

Bound and Gagged
Wenona still has some spirit left in her, even after we bent and vibed her into oblivion in her last scene. We've rigged her to the board and she is putting up one hell of a tussle. We turn the tables on her by flipping her over. This time however we strap her down to the board, ensuring she will stay put. Admirably, she does her best, but she is no match for these bindsā€¦Prepare yourself for one fantastic finaleā€¦
ShootID: WEN_041712

Members Comments
01 Jul 2012 NameNighug wrote: Once again absolutely superb. I still think she would look superb being tied to a cross & masturbated & milked with your milking machine. There is such alot that could be done with a body like Wenonas. Beauty & Erotica all in one package.

28 May 2012 Whitey wrote: Could you possibly tell us what OS and browser you are using? The only issue we have found is with OS X and the latest version of Firefox, which appears to be out of our control. You can contact us via our customer service so we can help troubleshoot the issue with you. Out of thousands of members we have TWO of which that cannot see flash. A little more info would be great. In the interim, try a different browser or try updating your flash version and/or make sure the plugin is not disabled.

23 May 2012 Mike wrote: I've been trying to watch this for a few days now and it won't load. All I get is a never ending "loading,loading,loading". WTF?

Bailey Blue 05/10/2012
Preview this Update --> 82 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Bailey: Bent and Bound
We've bound lovely Bailey to the chair and we relish in her struggle. Taking pause to admire her wonderful body and such. Her predicament is apparent, she wants out, but there's no chance of that happening today. To add to her struggle, we then get Bailey down on the floor. Down on her knees, bent and bound, we maneuver the vibe into place. Her hands grasp air as we toy with her, pushing her towards orgasm and Bailey is then left bound on the Dungeon floor...
ShootID: BAI_041312

Slave Wenona 05/03/2012
Preview this Update --> 160 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Merciless Whims
Recently we had the pleasure of Wenona visiting with us and we took full advantage. If you haven't already, make sure to see last week's SocietySM update. This week, we restrained her hands overhead and watched her struggle for a bit. Upon finding it fairly obvious that she was bound for a certain fate, Wenona became a bit flustered. What she didn't know though, was that she would soon find herself ass up before our cameras. Next, we took the trusty vibe and mounted it snugly against her pussy and Wenona gave way to our merciless whims putting on quite the display...
ShootID: WEN_041712

Members Comments
04 May 2012 fokusnik wrote: Terrific stuff, but if you want to be *really* amazing, you should have tied those beautiful nipples to something, and maybe slid something into that perfect ass.

04 May 2012 joyce wrote: video is not loading.........

04 May 2012 wwallace wrote: Wow! Home run! Though she should be careful she don't take an eye out with those nipples! :-)

Vanessa Reed 04/26/2012
Preview this Update --> 38 Pictures, 10:00 video.

The Transformation of Vanessa
We had a lot of fun with Vanessa when she came to visit us here at DungeonCorp. In her final Perfect Slave scene, we wrapped her mouth tightly, but she still managed to let her opinion be known. Once again, she's definitely a vocal one. That only intensified when we slid the vibe up against her cunt and stood back to watch. We get a good look at her as she struggles for composure before finally giving in to the inevitable orgasm. We then crank up the speed and intensity and Vanessa really lets go...
ShootID: VAN_032212


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