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Ashton Grey 10/22/2004

70 pictures

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Ashton loves to look adorable and sexy. Nothing gets the boys going like a short skirt, tie-on top and tall white socks. Sometimes when the teacher is away, Ashton likes to give the boys a show as long as they dont tell the teacher. She takes off the top and pulls up her skirt. But when the teacher doesn't come back, the boys decide to tie up the little tart. With ankles, knees, wrists and tits tied, Ashton is helpless as the boys take pictures on thier cell phones. When the bell rings, they take off her skirt and leave her hogtied, to be found by the nasty-old janitor.
70 Pictures

Brianna Slave 10/16/2004

86 pictures

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Tied in a Red Dress: Brianna is a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes, and she also has huge breasts! We tie her arms out, across a bamboo pole, then we tie her legs apart. A bamboo bit gag is tied into her mouth and we begin to peel her clothes away. First we uncover her luscious breasts, then we pull up her skirt to reveal silky panties. Hemp rope is used between her thighs for a tight crotchrope.
86 Pictures

Lacie Ramon 10/14/2004

73 pictures

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Bedroom Captive: Lovely Lacie is a bit nervous as we tie her for the first time. The blue lingerie looks great on her olvie skin and we talk her into letting us tie her hands behind her back. After that, it's all down hill for Lacie. We remove her top and tie her feet. We ask her to struggle a bit, we ask if she can get out of her binds. Lacie looks up in disappointment as we remove her panties. She might have been about to tell us that she doesnt do nude modelling, but we gagged her.
73 Pictures

Isabella Camille, Jana Cova 10/10/2004

33 pictures

Gallery 1

Could anything be more visually pleasing than seeing Jana and Isabella in high class lingerie, tied up in a low class bondage studio with some demented photographer in control of thier destiny? Jana gets tied in white rope and Isabella gets the hemp, but both are totally helpless as he positions them together for photos. Soon the clothes will come off and both girls will be stripped. His plan for these two hotties has just begun.
33 Pictures

Nadia Black 10/02/2004

98 pictures

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Nadia is wearing a long blue dress. She has a smoke to calm her nerves before getting tied up. First, we tie her wrists and elbows behind her back.
98 Pictures

Paris Kennedy 10/02/2004

68 pictures

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Paris dresses up in some fetish garb. Her arms are box-tied behind her and we tell her to give us her best adorable and pissed to be tied up look and she pulls it off nicely. We increase her motivation as we expose her pussy. And even more so as we gag her. Thinking that her pussy should be properly exposed, we frogtie one leg and pull it up. Paris is perfect as we add a blindfold.
68 Pictures





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