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Jeanie Marie 07/14/2011
Preview this Update --> 192 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Aim High
Jeanie's A feisty one that's for sure. Watching her struggle bound on the floor, she definitely displays a spirit in need of breaking. She's got a lot of gusto and we dig that. The toughest ones to break are always the best. We let her tire herself a bit before we rig her hands overhead. Jeanie, still ain't giving in easy and that's OK. Somethings gotta give...We fire up the wand, which is nestled up snugly against her tight little pussy. Once again, Jeanie displays that spirit that endears her to us so much. It's obvious this is going to be monumental and as Jeanie's spirit slowly fades, we see the transformation take place...
ShootID: JEA_061711

Emily Marilyn 07/07/2011
Preview this Update --> 167 Pictures, 8:00 video.

Bit Gagged Beauty
Emily sure is a fan favorite around here, and we like her too, so it only makes sense to have her back as often as we possibly can. Ogre makes sure that she is secured in place...she's not going anywhere. Then, the vibe is dragged out and thrust upon her pussy. Emily's amazing body is a beauty to behold as she gyrates...Her perfect tits heave, her lovely torso so tightly bound that she can only accept what we're handing her...Her moans of pleasure increase in pitch as she carries on towards a drooling orgasm...
ShootID: EMI_040411

Jenna Presley 06/30/2011
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Bound & Busty
Lovely Jenna is bound to the bedpost and we take a moment or two to gaze upon the beauty before us. She certainly has an amazing body and we're going to put it to use…Her whimpers as she struggles are extremely arousing, and her heavy bound breasts are a mouth watering sight…We then tie her down to the bed and spread her open and Jenna's whimpers get even louder as we press the vibe against her sweet cunt. This is one beautiful woman and watching her orgasm is a memorable experience.
ShootID: JEN_032811

Members Comments
01 Jul 2011 wankfan wrote: Actually, not everyone likes the gag...

30 Jun 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Pretty girl, beautiful breasts and pussy, great position tied open and accessible like that... but DESPERATELY needing a gag. The incessant "oh shit" "oh my god" and so on got tiring pretty quickly. How could you forget the gag ??

Slave Page 06/23/2011
Preview this Update --> 162 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Cross Dresser
Her eyes dart around the room as Page is bound to the cross. Unsure of what is to come, it's obvious that she feels a keen sense of panic. That sense of urgency increases when we then tie her down to the bench. Still struggling, Page next finds herself in a helpless conundrum when we smash the vibe against her pussy. Her screams are loud and reach an ear splitting level when we push her over the brink. Exhausted and spent, Page has learned a vital lesson in submission...
ShootID: PAG_060111

Mahina Zaltana 06/16/2011
Preview this Update --> 106 Pictures, 17:00 video.

Just Rewards
Mahina is super hot, her amazing body conjures of visions of exotic beauty and it's only a lucky man who gets to have her serve his every whim…She has been tightly tied and is now perched atop the Sybian, as the machine pleasures her pussy, her payment for such pleasure is to serve her Master. As the machine pulses between her legs, a stiff cock is buried in her mouth. Mahina obediently serves and is rewarded by the increasing speed of the Sybian. Her cock-sucking skills take on an art-like form and after her blistering orgasm session she is drenched in jizz…
ShootID: MAH_021411

Members Comments
02 Aug 2011 Anonymous wrote: *Echoes what Fokusnik said*

20 Jun 2011 Nick wrote: Mahina is so hot. Would love to see another model involved instead of the guy. Oil and clips on her breasts would also be a nice combo. Still a good shoot.

18 Jun 2011 Ogre wrote: Dont worry folks...PerfectSlave is remaining a solo female bondage site...thanks much

17 Jun 2011 Thorn wrote: Im also going to have to agree with Aclearno and Fokusnik.I look forward to the updates here, but usually pass on the me fussy if you will, but chicks yes, thanks

17 Jun 2011 Aclearno wrote: Please no couples on this site - full agreement with Fokusnik

17 Jun 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Pass on this one... Wouldn't this be better on your website for couples having sex ? Seriously, I thought that this site was for pretty girls bound tightly and cumming uncontrollably. THAT is what I personally want to see on this site, and one of the reasons that I don't normally bother watching the updates on the couples site. Mahina is terrific, no doubt, but you're blurring the lines between sites.

Tegan Summers 06/09/2011
Preview this Update --> 175 Pictures, 22:00 video.

Baby Doll...Broken
Tegan certainly does resemble a little baby doll doesn't she? Like the rest though, I bet she has a few skeletons in her closet. Nobody is ever as innocent as they appear…She certainly is a looker though and I'm definitely liking what I'm seeing. Watching her struggle, it is apparent that Tegan has a heart of gold and a strong will. Shall we break her? From the floor to the chair, Tegan still displays her admirable spirit and it's decided upon that we do know of one certain way to get her to stop, we shall make her cum…
ShootID: TEG_051311

Celeste Star 06/02/2011
Preview this Update --> 169 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Cornered for Cumming
In the rich tradition of bringing you some of the baddest Bondage babes around, we give to you Ms. Celeste Star. Obviously, Celeste isn't a stranger amongst these parts, but she is so fine, we had to have her back for some more…We have this beautiful damsel heavily roped in the corner while we watch her whimper, realizing she has nowhere to go, and her sole purpose will be our entertainment…We then open her long legs and tie her tightly to the bench…Celeste suspects we have something special up our sleeves, and her whimpers take on a greater sense of urgency. Her suspicions are not far fetched as she soon discovers that we are intent on pushing her towards orgasmic oblivion…
ShootID: CEL_050911

Members Comments
22 Feb 2014 ice wrote: i know i maybe late but Celeste Star is a pure drop of beauty ! and she plays so well the lady in destress - see vid at Jana Cova' hands - that she could have be the heroine of last KingKong movie !

04 Jun 2011 Schmidt wrote: You should have Celesta back whenever you can.

April O'Neil 05/26/2011
Preview this Update --> 200 Pictures, 10:00 video.

Quite the Conumdrum
April stands before us, not so ready and not so willing…We've roped a wand to her pussy and we're having a bit of fun watching her struggle…We take a moment or two to reflect upon what we have before us and soak in the view…Next, we turn on the vibrator and April goes into full on wriggle mode, torn between the struggle with her binds and the pleasure between her legs, she finds herself in quite the conundrum…
ShootID: APR_030811

Members Comments
27 May 2011 Simon wrote: This site is truly regaining it's former glory. Kudos :)

27 May 2011 Krik wrote: A stunning set of very good photos of the beautiful April.

27 May 2011 The Hand wrote: April has perfect tits!


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