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Sophia Fiore 04/02/2014
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Sophia's Bound Moans
Sophia Fiore is a gorgeous from head to toe. She looks even sexier bound to a chair with her perfect chocolate pussy exposed and her lovely lips gagged. We let the Hitachi do its magic and watch as Sophia submits to a long, powerless orgasm...
ShootID: SOP_012414

Adriana Chechik 03/29/2014
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Hogtied in Heels
Adriana Chechik has an impeccable body, perfect skin and a gorgeous exotic face. We think she looks best helpless. First she is tied to the bed to struggle with a very tight crotchrope. Then we hogtie her in her heels and stocking and let the magic wand go to work on her pretty pussy til she is moaning in orgasm...
ShootID: ADR_031714

Members Comments
14 Jul 2014 doublem427 wrote: Beautiful shoot. Hope you have her back soon. Also, love the fact you kept her heels on, adds a little class.

Sophia Fiore 03/05/2014
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Shackled to Cum
Sophia Fiore has a perfect, tight body and creamy chocolate skin. She struggles a little too much in her shackles, so we tie her down. When she realizes she is powerless, she lets the pleasure take over, submits, and whimpers until she orgasms...
ShootID: SOP_012414

Sadie Dawson 02/06/2014
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Truck Tied and Cumming
We take the Hollywood hottie, Sadie Dawson out to rural area...she is stripped and tied to the flatbed of a truck...she later confided in me that the insects and dirty truck were really getting to her...and having one's thighs tied open only makes this worse...but it doesnt seem to matter much when we apply the vibrator to her helpless pussy...Sadie struggles and groans through outdoor orgasms...
ShootID: SAD_100513

Members Comments
17 May 2014 Man wrote: Yes!

Kymberly Jane 01/30/2014
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Under Our Control
Kymberly Jane is once again in our ropes...rigged very thoroughly to a chair, Kymberly can only whine and watch as we put the vibrator on her swollen pink pussy...It isnt long before she is under our complete control and just doing her best to deal with the sensations...
ShootID: KYM_062113

Mia Vallis 01/16/2014
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Mia on Display
Mia teases us with her sculpted's just a whim for Mia...I think she's amused that all she has to do is position herself and heads will turn...and her clothes come off and she draws us's best to tie up these types and really put them on display...remove their power and make them an object...this has always been the way at that's the way it goes with Mia...a partially suspended strappado leaves her very helpless...her long legs used against her...her body wrapped in rope, emphasizing all those feminine features in exploitation...but mostly, her emotions...with her power gone, we remove the ego from the woman...and she becomes that much more enticing even if she would rather not...then up into a full spread suspension...a magic wand is rigged to her pussy and Mia submits to's been a long day for Mia...many orgasms and much stimulation...she may be done cumming, but we aren't done looking...the fact that she thinks she's done only makes her gestures more erotic...
ShootID: MIA_100813

Gabriella Paltrova 01/06/2014
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Enjoying her Orgasms
Gabriella is just so damn sexy...a tiny little body with outrageously fine proportions and the face of an angel...we have her strip of her lingerie as she plys with herself...I like to see what they do with their freedom...Gaby uses it to get off with a vibrator...then we rope her down, gag her and give her more of the same...Gabriella is no amateur...she takes the magic wand for all the orgasms she can muster...
ShootID: GAB_071613

Bella Bends 12/30/2013
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Spread for Pleasure
Beautiful blonde Bella gets bound again...cuffed into spreaders and ball-gagged, she struggles on the bed for freedom...with none to be had, we strip her and tie her legs back...the magic wand makes easy work of Bella who ends up in long moans...tired and overstimulated from a long day of shooting, we still rip a few hard orgasms from her sweet pussy...Ogre
ShootID: BEL_062413_2


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