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Belle Noire 12/11/2013
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She Can't Resist
Belle is full of feminine power...deeply emotional and expressive eyes, a wide and bright smile...a perfect round ass and small waist...and a perfect pussy...and Belle knows what she has to offer....this woman's every thought and move is about being graceful and much personality...and it comes out as she poses and strips...but I prefer Belle when all that pride has be stuffed down by a ball gag and she has been bound...we tease her body with a violet wand as Belle moves her body with the shock and can't help but moan and squeal...then retied with one leg pulled up...a vibrator is stuffed into her crotch and Belle finds it most comfortable on her clit...she teases herself into orgasms and although her pussy is satisfied and swollen, she cant seem to help putting it back in place again...with each climax she gets weaker to resist the urge...

Koneco Claw 12/03/2013
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A Toy for Ogre
Ogre rigs Koneco into a strict reverse prayer...her legs are tied tight at three points and a crotch rope slices into her pussy...he tells her to try to escape, but she has a hard time moving...he reties her to a chair to be vibrated...but he isnt happy watching from the sidelines, so he enters from time to time to play with his helpless toy...when she cums, he only holds the vibrator against her longer...demanding orgasms and Koneco's body has little choice other than to go along...
ShootID: KON_081313

Koneco Claw 09/13/2013
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Inverted Porch Hang
Koneco is the kind of woman you just want to keep tied at all times...and Im quite sure she prefers it that way as well...she's always up for a challenge or something a bit different...So I suggested spreading her upside down, outside, naked...True to her form as a restraint submissive, Koneco agreed to give it a try...She seemed comfortable enough, so we send Ivan in with a vibrator to finish her off...
ShootID: KON_081313

Bella Bends 08/30/2013
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Rigged for Pleasure
Bella is a California girl, all the way...a fun and smiley, laid back demeaner mixed with that blonde and blue is unmistakable...We direct her to pose and strip...then into a standing tie...we rig her in a more suitable position for pleasure and add a vibrator between her thighs...Bella submits and cums in a lovely showing of bound pleasure...
ShootID: BEL_062413

Charlotte Stokely, Chloe Lynn 08/08/2013
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Bound, Kissing and Cumming
Because Charlotte and Chloe have had such a long day of bondage, I decide on something a bit different for their final scene...we strip both exhausted models and tie them face to face...each straddles a magic wand...their instructions are kiss until they orgasm...they give us a fantastically feminine show full of lips and little tongues lapping away at the other...Ogre...
ShootID: CHA_051413

Jasmine Delatori 07/25/2013
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Bed Tied and Vibed
Jasmine poses on the bed and strips off her clothes for us...the things that could be done with such a submissive beauty excite the mind as the true form of her naked body is revealed...we dont allow her freedom much longer...after she spreads her legs and shows off her pretty pink pussy, we tie her on the bed to roll around...her bound state is pure seduction...we retie her spread eagle...a dildovibe combo is used to pleasure Jasmine as we objectify her with orgasms...Ogre
ShootID: JAS_040213

Megan Vaughn 06/30/2013
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Begging to be Spread
Megan is a young and proud woman...not used to being bound, which makes it that much more interesting for us...when I first saw her I thought, SPREAD EAGLE...and I was right...she looks amazing all spread out...I tie her tits tightly and leave her to wrestle with the vibrating pleasure being laid against her clit and cunt....eventually we get Megan's pleasure from her...
ShootID: MEG_051713

Charlotte Stokely 06/02/2013
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All American Beauty Bound
Charlottle Stokely is an all-American, natural blonde with a luscious body and beautiful face...I love it when they look at me all coy and ask "what would you like me to wear?"...I helped Charlotte pick this one out...corset, black heels and a black g-string...She is a joy to watch pose...she makes a great show...She knows how to tease...and she knows what lies ahead...she watched us rigging the restraints for a good long time...soon it time for the clohtes to come off and the cuffs to go on...ankles and wrists...her wrists and further locked into wooden stocks over her head...then the impaler spreader bar between the ankles...the dildo plunges deep into her pussy and holds the magic wand tight against her clit as this beautiful creature first denies, then climaxes for our enjoyment....Ogre
ShootID: CHA_051413


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