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Summer Rae 05/26/2013
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Summer Enslaved
Summer gives off a warm and sensual vibe...submissive and cute, she enjoys a bit of teasing...We dress her up in lingerie to pose...then tied to the chair, I dare her to get away...the ropes are secure and Summer begins to drool as she struggles...I strip her down and tie her to our big red chair...she is thoroughly roped into position to receive the magic wand...I love watching women struggle through multiple orgasms...unless she calls red, she cant move her pussy away from the vibrator...and I dare say that very thought turns Summer on...In the end, I think this was pure pleasure for our tease-loving young lady...her pussy is dripping cum when we finish with her...Ogre
ShootID: SUM_042613

Members Comments
20 Jan 2018 Simone wrote: Nice chair but download doesn't work.

01 Jul 2015 Blackthorn wrote: Video links do not work. Please fix.

Jasmine Delatori 04/25/2013
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Chair Tied and Vibed
Jasmine is such a perfect specimen of a young lady...the first thing I really liked about her? She is quiet and reserved, but not shy or shut off...She is inexperienced, but doesnt mind admitting that and allows herself the state of mind to be guided...this is the beginning of a very healthy submissive perspective...What else do I like about her? Long and lean...full and natural breasts...perfect skin like vanilla cream...and an amazing pink pussy...I rig her in a uncomfortable chin-up position, fully bound to the back of a chair...Jasmine is so precious...she just doesnt know what to do...then it's sitting on the chair with her legs fully spread and frogtied...the vibrator finds an easy target on her pussy and Jasmine finds how difficult it is to move her hips away from it's continuous sensations, even after she has cum...Ogre...
ShootID: JAS_040213

Carmen Valentina 04/13/2013
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Amping It Up
Beautiful Carmen Valentina finds herself bound and gagged again...preparing for the sensations of the vibrator that she knows is coming...we add nipple clamps and a TENS unit to her thighs...a dildo is inserted and the vibrator makes contact as we fuck her helpless pussy, stopping here and there to firmly mount the head of the vibe to her clit...Carmen is a good submissive and does not resist...and she is rewarded with multiple orgasms...
ShootID: CAR_031513

Members Comments
26 Apr 2013 jim wrote: Shes sexy Would love to see her on whore trainer or just fucked in general, Maybe some suspension ;)

Carmen Valentina 04/02/2013
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First Timers Cum so Fast
Carmen has the look of a woman who might say "How dare you?" if you proposed to tie her up...looks are definitely deceiving, as this is one kinky, horny woman...and very beautiful...It only takes her a few minutes to cum multiple times on the magic wand...Carmen's day has just begun...there are mnay more orgasms in her future...
ShootID: CAR_031513

Members Comments
17 May 2016 Pravus wrote: BTW, the URL to view the update doesn't work. It's at

Sadie Dawson 03/19/2013
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Losing Her Power
As we learned from Sadie's SocietySM shoot, she is a struggler...This one will test the truth of your rig, and look amazing doing it...we lock her into stocks and restrain her with rope in a couple different rigs...then we add the vibrator...Sadie is nothin but sincere and so are her orgasms...and so is the cum flowing out of her perfect pussy by the end...Ogre...(
ShootID: SAD_022513

Anna Morna, Sasha Knox 02/19/2013
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Driven To Submission
Anna's roped and restrained to the rack, her lithe body ready for surrender. She shuffles nervously in her awkward positioning, and we take a good long view of what she has to offer before she is hoisted up onto the device and spread wide. Now in this perch she becomes a bit more frantic, a bit more aware of what might come...She is a play-thing now, and ripe for Sasha's desires. Sasha first admires what is before her, and Anna drools incredibly as she writhes. Before the wand is even pressed to her pussy, she is already quivering and Sasha presses it firmly against her. Toes and fist clenching, Anna is driven into submission...
ShootID: ANA_020113

Members Comments
31 Dec 2013 jim wrote: still says test

14 Aug 2013 WilliW wrote: Where is this update ? Only a test ?

18 Mar 2013 olala wrote: Anna is perfect; but why the mask on Sasha?

10 Mar 2013 Diego wrote: Would love to see alot more of Anna, Very well done! Why the mask though Sasha? Also,just curious, Its been 3 weeks since the last P.S. update ,and only a few from the others during, whats up Ogre?

24 Feb 2013 John wrote: Anna is very hot- a very excellent shoot!

21 Feb 2013 provost wrote: Practically perfect use of Perfect Slave and a practically perfect lass to star in the show! More of Ms. Morna, please!

Belle Noire, Nikki Seven 02/08/2013
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At Her Mercy
Sultry Nikki struggles on the bed in her binds. Restrained to the bedpost, she is then spread wide. Belle enters and immediately gets down to business playing with her slave, groping her pussy before having a long sweet taste. Nikki's eyes grow wide when her Mistress brandishes the pole mounted dong and vibe, and Belle lubes it up and buries it to the hilt. Meanwhile, Nikki clenches tightly as she is driven to the brink. And mercilessly, Belle keeps the vibe in place as she continues to tease her pet...
ShootID: NIK_020513

Members Comments
24 Jul 2013 Amigovio wrote: Super hot lady and her reactions are obviously real, not acted or forced. Great shoot guys!

Gracie Glam 02/01/2013
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A Touch of Grace
What happens when you take an amazingly beautiful lady who is relatively fresh to bondage and place her in the Dungeon? You end up with gorgeous Gracie Glam giving us a view that will long be remembered. She apprehensively looks around the room with her hands bound overhead, unsure of what shall come. Then, we bind her tightly to the table before teasing her with the vibe. Once the vibe is in place, Gracie then transforms into an undulating machine. She's proverbial putty in our hands as we guide her towards one of the most intense orgasms she'll ever have.
ShootID: GRA_112012


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