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Slave Wenona 01/28/2013
Preview this Update --> 38 Pictures, 14:00 video.

Strapped Tight and Grinding Hard
We've got Wenona just where we want her. Strapped tight to the boards, leaving her with only just enough room to squirm. We then slide the vibe into place, nestling it tightly against her clit and hit the switch. Wenona's genuine response is one of pleasure as she begins to undulate and grind for us as she closes in on her orgasm. She begins to pound her wet pussy against the wand, wanting all that we give her almost engulfing the wand head with her lips...Wenona never disappoints.
ShootID: WEN_110612

Members Comments
09 Apr 2017 Bob D. wrote: Wenona is among the great ones.

07 Apr 2013 tanya420 wrote: you guys need to uitlize the Y table more!!!

Cherie Deville, Kymberly Jane 01/24/2013
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Double Down In The Dungeon
Take two amazingly hot damsels, add a dungeon of debauchery and a dash of Ogre and what you get is a bondage fantasy feast for the senses...Cherie and Kymberly twist and turn as they are hoisted from the rafters and swing to and fro. Then, they are tied side by side, legs high and wide and are both stuffed deeply while being vibed simultaneously. Things really reach a fever pitch when they are both pushed to their orgasmic thresholds and beyond...
ShootID: CHE_010813

Members Comments
26 Jan 2013 provost wrote: Inspired! What a dramatic setup and energetic performance. Next time consider attaching the dangling women to one another with nipple clamps. And I would ask them to pay with their soles for the satisfaction that came at the end...the bands, perhaps, used vigorously while the vibes are doing their work. Superb work in all respects!

Ariel X 01/18/2013
Preview this Update --> 67 Pictures, 15:00 video.

Fit To Be Tied
Everyone's favorite vixen, Ariel X makes her return to Perfect Slave and what a sweet return it is. Ariel needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever so we get right down to business as she is bound with hands overhead to the bed frame, where she writhes and drools. Ariel's beautiful body is fit to be tied and that is exactly what happens as she is cuffed on the bed and spread wide. The vibe is then planted on her pussy with the added bonus of a dong stuffed inside her and calm, cool Ariel loses control...
ShootID: ARI_112012

Members Comments
27 Sep 2017 Bob D. wrote: With great respect I nevertheless must say that Ariel was born in the wrong century.She was indeed meant for the erotic pleasures of a medieval torture chamber.

20 Feb 2013 Andy wrote: That beautiful woman is a joy to watch. However, that squalid room and on a soiled mattress, really?

23 Jan 2013 drhandy wrote: You could do no wrong with this shoot!! Ariel X, OMG you have got to have Ariel X more often. In Roman numerals the X is a 10, and Ariel is absolutely a 10. If you don't tell her these compliments you do her a wrong. She's attached to the bed in an X position, another 10. Her legs elevated as they are so we can focus on them are so beautiful, each one score a 10. Ariel can contract those muscles of hers so well as she loses control, she earns more 10's. Yep, you tell her!! Outstanding woman.

22 Jan 2013 provost wrote: There is no woman more beautiful or more willing to be challenged in the BDSM modeling world today, Thank you for this shoot, and here's hoping there are more to come.

21 Jan 2013 CG wrote: video not working

Kimora XXX 01/02/2013
Preview this Update --> 81 Pictures, 13:00 video.

Kimora's Curtain Call
Kimora's recent debut made quite the impact on our members minds in 2012. So much so that we have received repeated requests to display more of her goods, and we aim to please...We tie this blue eyed babe tight, and she rolls and struggles on the floor while we capture her reactions. We then tie her on the chair knees up with just the perfect amount of pussy exposed to get the vibe in there nice and tight. She immediately is subjected to sensory overload as her head tilts back, her eyes roll and her toes clench in submissive pleasure, which leaves her swollen and spent...
ShootID: KIM_121412

Dani Daniels 12/26/2012
Preview this Update --> 109 Pictures, 10:00 video.

Old School Pussy
Beautiful Dani is a vision of loveliness. She's kind of got that girl next door thing working, with a sinister twist. We roped this beauty on the sofa and watched her struggle as the cameras rolled, all the while we made sure to take in every lovely inch of her body. We then spread her wide, exposing that old school pussy, meanwhile her eyes were wide and helpless. Despite her best intentions, once we flipped the switch on the vibe Dani couldn't help but to submit and cum. And once we had her going, we took full advantage...
ShootID: DAN_102212

Members Comments
19 Apr 2015 Rush2499 wrote: If I had to describe my idea of how the perfect woman would look, just take a long look at Dani Daniels. Face, eyes, hair, skin and muscle tone, breasts, legs--this is what she would look like. What a knockout!

Kimora XXX 12/24/2012
Preview this Update --> 32 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Kimora's Bound Baptism
Kimora not only made her bondage debut last week on Cumbots, but she also made her adult debut. She's brand spanking new (pun intended) and we weren't about to not seize the opportunity. With that said, we took this fresh damsel and tied her down to the bench ass up to get a gander at her goods, and what a gander it is! Then, we rigged the vibe up to her fresh pussy and watched this starry eyed lovely as we put her through her orgasmic paces. Drooling like crazy and clenching her fists tightly, Kimora gave us quite the show as she tried with all of her might to resist what we thrust upon her in her baptism to BDSM. Try as she might though, in the end she shall succumb and grind...
ShootID: KIM_121412

Slave Wenona 12/20/2012
Preview this Update --> 127 Pictures, 10:00 video.

Altar of Orgasm
Everyone's favorite wailer is back in the form of the lovely Wenona. She always has uber-intense bondage orgasms simply because she is the real deal and loves it all. After she strips for us, we hand her the gag and collar, which she sensuously places on herself. Then, we bind her belly down atop the altar with a pole mounted vibe rigged between her luscious legs. Now we see Wenona at her finest as she grinds her fine pussy against the vibe while she drools madly. Next, we up the ante by clamping her large nipples sending her over the edge while we keep her firmly bound in place...
ShootID: WEN_110612

Sinn Sage 12/10/2012
Preview this Update --> 54 Pictures, 9:00 video.

Struggle With Sinn
Sinn's got a passion like none other and she can put up a fight with the best of them. The problem for Sinn today though is that she's cuffed tightly to the headboard and her struggle will be to no avail. We spread her legs, her struggle continues...We flip the switch on the vibe and our unwilling subject wails and screams as she attempts to remain in control...As much as Sinn wants to get away, she cannot...
ShootID: SIN_102212

Members Comments
20 Dec 2012 anonymous wrote: I hope to see more of her on this site VERY SOON!!!

14 Dec 2012 horney wrote: Sinn Sage is a beautiful woman and one of my favorites on all sites. Killer ass tits and pussy and I love her hairy spot too.

11 Dec 2012 anonymous wrote: This shoot would have been awesome if she would just SHAVE THAT PUSSY!!!


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