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Presley Hart 12/03/2012
Preview this Update --> 91 Pictures, 9:00 video.

Perfect Presley
Luscious and lithe Presley is strapped tight and down on the floor wrestling with the vibe that we've nestled between her lovely legs. She's going nowhere however...And try as she might, she cannot resist the pulsing on her pussy as it propels her towards the inevitable orgasm. She heaves and grinds and we marvel as she gyrates in her restraints. What we've got here is a perfect view of a perfect slave and what a vision it is...
ShootID: PRE_061412

Slave Wenona 11/27/2012
Preview this Update --> 115 Pictures, 9:00 video.

A Lovely Mess
Frantically Wenona attempts to break free...It appears that she will use any means necessary. It also appears that as she will fail at her attempt...She's a drooling mess now, a lovely mess...And we hoist her from the beam atop the Sybian and let it roar. It's roar however is only a secondary thought in comparison to the bellows from Wenona as she reaches a lengthy orgasmic apex that leaves her gasping for more...
ShootID: WEN_110612

Members Comments
02 Dec 2012 ANDY wrote: where are the 2012 updates? I only see 2011 and back. I have been clicking everything.

Melissa Jacobs 11/19/2012
Preview this Update --> 117 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Sweet Melissa
Sweet Melissa...she gyrates while restrained to the cross up on her tippy toes. She's an arousing Damsel to be sure. To watch her softly undulate up there is a thing of beauty. We pull down her panties and rig the vibe into place, and Melissa's slow gyrations and moans start to transform into frantic gasps and thrusts as she once again discovers herself in the throes of bound orgasm...
ShootID: MEL_092112

Members Comments
27 Sep 2017 Bob D. wrote: Melissa has it all.She is indeed perfect.

27 Mar 2013 jklover wrote: A concept for a future shoot with (please) Melissa: her shoot dated 2011/12/15 with the dildo/attached Vibe was very hot, (no ropes/strands, but no escape either), but as with this shoot also, once things broke loose, some escape was possible, so: Start with a dildo, like 2011/12/15, with attached vibe, but instead of ropes around the hips, add a spring, or carefully controlled pneumatic cylinder pushing up to keep the dildo/vibe combo against the Model. Lifting up doesn't work this time: she lifts up; so does it - she collapses, so does it... Melissa please do this for us.

20 Nov 2012 drhandy wrote: This video is more than great! It's fantastic. Melissa is fantastic. You got to have her back. Lots more times. Ten stars all around. I've never seen any model shake like that, in any position, OMG, Melissa can bring the house down. Please tell her how please I was to watch her.

Kymberly Jane 11/15/2012
Preview this Update --> 84 Pictures, 14:00 video.

Kymberly's Loss of Control
This week we drop a bombshell on Perfect Slave in the name of one Kymberly Jane. She's a brunette babe of considerable notoriety with a beautiful body that shall leave you drooling. We've never had Kymberly here before and Ogre got down to brass tacks by binding her beautiful tits and restraining her to the bed post. Kymberly tries with all her might to get away, but she cannot as she is simply bound too tightly. Reluctantly, she admits defeat so we tie her spread-eagle on the bed and Ogre lubes her up. She frantically pulls at her ties as a means to escape while she is plied with the pole mounted vibe and dong, but again, she cannot break free. Her only recourse is to try and resist, but she is not in control here. And like the many who have come before her, her only shot at release is orgasm...
ShootID: KYM_111512

Reena Sky 11/13/2012
Preview this Update --> 44 Pictures, 12:00 video.

A Final Taste of Reena
Hopefully that taste of Charlotte was a sweet one as Reena now finds herself in the position of vulnerability. Shackled down to the bed, she is now the one who shall be toyed with. A vibe is pressed to her pussy driving her to orgasm, and kept in place, giving her no choice but to submit endlessly...
ShootID: REE_090712

Charlotte Stokely, Reena Sky 11/01/2012
Preview this Update --> 60 Pictures, 12:00 video.

A Taste of Reena
Reena still hasn't had enough, but Charlotte sure has. Reena's quite happy with her plaything yet she wants a bit more and if Charlotte wants to be set free from her binds, she's gonna have to perform well. Reena straddles her slave's face and buries her cunt in it while Charlotte laps away. But will she perform well enough to earn her freedom? Or will Reena decide to keep her new pet? In all this excitement however, has she forgotten just who Charlotte belongs to? And what will happen if he finds out?
ShootID: CHA_090712

Trinity St. Clair 10/29/2012
Preview this Update --> 76 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Breaking Her Down
Little Trinity has quickly become one of my personal favorites here at DungeonCorp. She seems so small and innocent, but then again, looks can be deceiving. After she poses for some stills, we break her down by stripping her bare and getting her naked body in a sprawling tie. When we push the vibe into place against her tight little cunt, we witness her tense and flex in her binds as she cums wildly. We keep the heat intense though, not letting up as Trinity enters a trance-like orgasm session begging for reprieve...
ShootID: TRI_091312

Charlotte Stokely, Reena Sky 10/17/2012
Preview this Update --> 70 Pictures, 10:00 video.

Another Taste of Charlotte
Charlotte's fears of being discovered cannot be suppressed, but Reena is determined to have her fill of this tasty lass. Spread on the bed, Charlotte just won't pipe down. Reena has a great idea to silence her screams though..She straddles her face while burying the vibe on her little toy's pussy and then she sets about having her her fill of this restrained slave...
ShootID: CHA_090712


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