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Anikka Albrite 08/02/2012
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Pleasure Struggle
This week we've taken the fabulously hot Anikka Albrite and bound her hands overhead. Then after gagging her, we've smashed the old vibe up against her gash. Now, Annika's struggle is for our delight. And what a delight it is to watch this lovely and long blonde caught in the tussle of her pleasure struggle. Cumming uncontrollably while trying with all her might to resist...Anikka's a real beauty. I wish they could all be like her...
ShootID: ANI_070612

Members Comments
03 Aug 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Fabulously hot is right.... and WITHOUT a billion tattoos, too !

Jennifer White 07/26/2012
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Permission to Cum
Jennifer, her hot body bound to the chair. Legs up high and spread wide with everything exposed to us...what a fantastic view. Her pussy, sensitive and swollen by now, is the subject of this story as we lay the vibe upon it. Obediently, she asks permission to cum and her wish is granted. A convulsive orgasm ensues which is one for the ages. There's no getting away today though. And if Jennifer thought it was just one and done, then she has another thing coming...
ShootID: JEN_062512

Members Comments
27 Jul 2012 Ricah wrote: Best site around! JW is phenomenal!

Marie McCray 07/22/2012
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Steady As She Goes
Beautiful Marie is forced upright and stationary as we prop the vibrator between her luscious legs. As the vibe purrs, Marie sways, gently gyrating and pressing her pussy against the wand. As time goes on, she settles in real nice and grinds down harder. As she gets closer and closer to the breaking point, she really goes to town, picking up speed, eager to seek orgasmic release...
ShootID: MAR_070912

Jennifer White 07/19/2012
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Grasping At Air
I think I've developed some type of fascination with Jennifer White. I mean...look at her, she's amazing. A fantastic body, perfect tits, tight round ass, smoldering kind of looks about her. Simply spellbinding...She has a quick smoke while we snap some photos. Then we bind her belly down on the bench to see what she's made of. She's quite feisty and energetic. A sight to behold in her ties, naked and exposed before us. Once she's worn down, we flip her over and crotch rope her spread-eagle. Surely a sight for sore eyes...She's still got a bit of spunk left in her and since she's got that pussy gyrating mid-air anyway, why not put it to use? And so we do, the vibe on her sensitive pussy has her grasping at air as Jennifer shudders and grinds...
ShootID: JEN_062512

Anikka Albrite 07/11/2012
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Timid & Tied
This week we've brought Ms. Albrite in for our entertainment. In case your not familiar with her, she's a leggy blonde with eyes of blue and a natural body to die for...We've roped her to the recliner and Anikka is definitely wary of our plans as she flashes her innocent looking eyes. We then tie her legs open and get a nice close up look. For the finale, we smash the vibe against her clit and this is when we see this beautiful Damsel really struggle as she erupts.
ShootID: ANI_070612

Members Comments
12 Jul 2012 NameNighug wrote: Annika. Loved the orgasms at the end. The tits & nipples are delightful as is the full cunt lips. What a shame about the pubes. Fully shaven would have been the icing on the cake.

Annika Amour 07/05/2012
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Annika Going Down
We've bound Annika tightly into the chair, she's a fighter though, she's not going to go down without a struggle...Struggle as she might, it's all for naught and it shall become apparent. Her eyes grow wide at the sight of the vibe as we slide it into place. Seems we're giving Annika exactly what she needs though as she grinds on the wand while we push her to orgasm...
ShootID: ANN_060512

Members Comments
07 Jul 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Pretty girl and nice reactions and all, but kind of a poor position. All crunched up in the chair and all, it almost makes her look chubby (which she clearly isn't). You would have been better off (IMHO) having her nice and stretched out, the classic Eiffel Tower position or something.

Tristyn Kennedy 06/28/2012
Preview this Update --> 57 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Pleasure Seeker
Beautiful, blonde and busty Tristyn is bound tight on the bed, her luscious orbs aglow in red as she struggles for freedom. On this day, Tristyn's freedom shall not be found by getting out of her binds, but rather in the form of orgasm. We wear her down, but only slightly as we bind her wrists and ankles. She still puts up one heck of a struggle. When we jam that vibe snug against her clit, the transformation begins. From a feisty damsel hellbent on getting away, to one who seeks pleasure in her predicament. I'm certain Tristyn will find what she is looking for...
ShootID: TRI_060112

Members Comments
29 Jun 2012 Jon wrote: I'm very happy to see a good old fashioned tied spread eagle on the bed scene. It seems in recent times that there's been fewer and fewer of these on Perfect Slave, and I for one miss them. Models contorted into uncomfortable positions doesn't do much for me. I like to see women happy in bondage and really getting off. I certainly understand that some would get bored after awhile if that's all you did...but you do have Strict Restraint and Society S & M for more challenging ties. Anyway, cheers all...thanks for listening!

Presley Hart 06/21/2012
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Payoff for Presley
You've probably seen Presley on Fucking Dungeon when she made her debut for us awhile back. She's a petite brunette, and when we first laid eyes on her, we knew she'd be here she is...She teases the camera doing a swanky little striptease. Her body sure looks sweet...Young, tight and slender...We then spread her in the chair and watch her as she wiggles in her attempt to set herself free. Presley senses that the jig is up, and she's not wrong as we spread her wider and constrain her arms to her waist. The build up to the finale' is intense, but the payoff is worth it when we witness Presley grinding against the wand. Hands clenched and head thrown back, Presley succumbs...
ShootID: PRE_061412

Members Comments
25 Jun 2012 NameNighug wrote: Presley is gorgeous. You ask in your header for items that your members would like. I would love to see a young lady with some nice breasts & perky nipples being bound & then having her nipples pierced for some studs. Maybe a bit over the top but can be no more painful than a caning say!


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